"Der Harry"- eine lebende Legende im europäischen Taubensport !!!

Jan HoyWer kennt ihn nicht : Der "Harry" von Jan Hoymanns zählt zur Creme de la Creme des Taubensportes. Eine der besten Tauben der Welt. Amazing-Wings präsentiert exklusiv die "Harry -Jan Hooymans-Collection". Eine Taubenauktion der Extaklasse rund um den berühmten "Harry" ist nun online.


The year 2009 brings supercrack Harry “immortal glory” … in this season

won this ultimate racer everything there was to win! He did what no pigeon

on the world did earlier yet and maybe never will imitate: winning 2 NPO

races (Against masses pigeons) and a 3rd NPO (also against large numbers

of opponents) … and that in just one season, and at the toughest discipline:

the long distance! And … ..let on: with 3 different weather types!


The entire 2009 season, “Harry” was in great shape … he won no less than

five first prizes and two second prizes in clubs!

But a year earlier in 2008, as inexperienced yearling, he showed on a heavy

middle distance race with headwind that he ‘is born with it’ …

1st Morlincourt against more than 500 pigeons and 19th against 20,920

pigeons! But also at a spicy long distance race from Chateauroux (over 600

km) the promising yearling “Harry” won the 21th NPO (1,198 meters per

minute!). Don’t forget that Harry as a youngster just had some training

flights (not overclocked) …

Nowadays “Harry” is the boss in the breedingloft of Hooymans and not

without consequences…

Today he is already father and grandfather and great-grandfather of several

top ten placings NPO. Here is a summary of his breeding performance.




"HARRY" - The Dutch Wonderboy










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7 streng selektierte Jungtauben aus den besten Tauben der

"Harry"- Dynastie