Made in Germany - Ask the Champion - Hans Hirn

Wasserzeichen Made in GermanyHe belongs without doubt to one of the best fanciers with the hens in Germany. Everybody in Germany know the name of the admitted pigeon specialist. Specific for you he will answer our questions about the professional treatment with the hens in the second issue of "Ask the Champion".



As member of our distinguished Club of "Made in Germany", Hans Hirn belongs since many years to one of the best pigeon fanciers in Germany. He can exhibit numerous titles. With a lot of calm and the years and years of experiense with pigeons he reach year after year great results. But he also is a very helpful fancier. Whenever another facnier need help, Hans will help in word and deed. Without doubt the 1st Championship of Bavaria was one of his best results. In the Province 653 he belongs every year to the champions. Beside the 1st Championship of Bavaria he also had the 1st Acehen of Bavaria (13/13 prices and 1st,1st,2nd,5th,6th,etc. Price) which was also the 14th National Ace Hen of Germany. But also the fast prices are very important for Hans Hirn. He won in 6 years 78 times 1st price! A outstanding result!


The racing season 2012 started very good for Hans. Last weekend he flew the 1st prize aagin. But now listen to Hans Hirn. Find here the whole interview of "Ask the Champion" wth the "pigeon-whisperer" from Bavaria:


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Hans, how do you see the season 2012 until now?



Hans Hirn3For me it is a normal beginning.  Last weekend I flew the 1st again, so it is quite good.









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You are a crack with the hens. When do you pair them and how the breeding process working?



Hans Hirn3I pair them at 10th March. The yearlings can bring up youngsters. The elder hens will separate after 6 days of breeding and 2 weeks before the 1st flight start they will be paired again. After the 2nd flight the will be widowers. The yearlings will also separated the same way. 









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How do you prevent the pairing of the hens among themselves, especially when the season is running?



Hans Hirn3In my opinion you can control this with the food. They go our for trainig every day (1 hour) and they will get food once a day at the evening. At the beginnin g of the week they will get Hirn 1 (Versele Laga food). From wednesday on the will get special food from Versele called "Hen Winner Mixtrure". The last 3 days they will also get 20 % hemp. The amount of food will increase day after day. At the basketing day the will get as much food as they can eat.








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Do you show the partners at the basketing day?



Hans Hirn3No, never. For me it is a lot of work and honestly it doesnt´have any advantages. Rather the opposite is possible. 









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Do you have a special tipp for the fanciers?



Hans Hirn3Keep everything calm and don´t be nervous when the first flights are not so good. The championships will decided at the end of the season.







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Hans, thank you very much for your time and the tipps. We wish you a successful season 2012.