The “Miss Germany” 1st ACE-turnouts on federal level 2019 comes from Hesse!

This year’s “Miss Germany” the 1st female ACE at the federal level 2019 comes from the Reg.Verband 450 and comes from the RV Frankfurt Taunus e.V.

It was still the pure emotions of the 36-year-old Patrick Moeser from Königstein to feel when Amazing-Wings was visiting last week to introduce the first hen ACE at the federal level in 2019.

Shining eyes had the lucky winner Patrick Moeser when he began to talk about the 1.ACE-hen DV06668-17-973 with 656.07 ACE-points. “It’s still unbelievable that this dream has come true, it’s unbelievable to win something like a small breeder!

The two year old ACE hen DV06668-17-0973 was bred by my friends Norbert & Kai Kammerer from Wiesbaden. Every year, some youngsters are exchanged with these sports fans. Out of such an exchange comes the “Miss Germany 2019”.

The entire Amazing Wings team congratulates the young and happy sports lover Patrick Moeser on the federal level in 2019.

Markus Bauer