Ruhrgebiet flight 2018 from Hemau 427 km on 10.06.18

Petra Schenk & Helmut Winkelhahn win the first Ruhr flight from Hemau 427 km on June 10, 2018 against 24,445 pigeons!

The lucky winners of the 1st Ruhrrace flight 2018 from Hemau on 10.06.2018 are the likeable fanciers Petra Schenk & Helmut Winkelhahn from the union Dortmund West in Province 402.

                                             The winners Helmut Winkelhahn and Petra Schenk

On Sunday 10.06.2018 the first Ruhrrace flight of the 2018 travel season took place from Hemau (427 km). There were 4 Provinces with 32 unions and 939 fanciers in this race and there were 24,445 pigeons used at the start. At 06.15 o’clock followed the release, weather: sunny, good visibility and calm.

The hammered yearling female DV00410-17-0215 ​​of the combination Petra Schenk & Helmut Winkelhahn was clocked at 11:37:10 clock at a distance of 417.533 km at a speed of 1,296,016 mi./Meter and thus became the glorious winner of the Ruhrgebiet flight Hemau against 24,445 pigeons!

The hammered yearling female DV00410-17-0215


The year-old winner DV00410-17-0215 ​​is played on “Total Widowhood” and had the week before a rising form curve and also scored the Hemau on 03.06.18 in the Province the 19th prize against 1,091 pigeons, FG the 66. prize against 4,017 pigeons and in the union group the 238th prize against 11,663 pigeons.

The “winner gene” was certainly placed in the cradle of the yearling female DV00410-17-0215. The dam DV0410-07-706 was in 2008 already the best female in the Province and FG (3 union) with 13/13 prizes! Matthias Körber’s father DV03502-15-264 was bought at the Province exhibition by Petra & Helmut.

Mother DV0410-07-706

0410-12-158 is the uncle 0410-17-215 W 158 and the half-brother of 706



In the hand, the winner of the Ruhrwinner DV00410-17-0215 ​​is also in a class of its own: Fast wings and good muscles characterize this yearling  especially!

                                                            wing profile right DV00410-17-0215

wing profile left DV00410 – 17 – 0215

The happy Ruhrwinners Petra & Helmut received my warm welcome during my visit and, in all their glory, provided me with good coffee. Thank you again!

When I said goodbye, the two of them said to me in jest: “See you in 14 days after the 2nd Ruhrgebiet flight from Osterhofen (550 km) to the next winner interview.”

When dreams come true!

Continue all the best & GOOD FLIGHT!