Over the last three years there has been a very keen interest in the sensational sprint loft of David Peeters.

There is a well over a hundred firsts and twenty interprovincial winners with them, up to 1500-4000 in the United Kingdom and Belgium. In 2018 P&D Racing and Breeding Stud UK has made the exclusive contract with David Peeters for 2 years; all the direct children from his top racers and breeding pigeons.

In April, 2019, I have asked David, myself (Darren, P&D Racing and Breeding Stud Uk) to set a few facts and go over the correct history of the best Pitbull pigeons in the world from Mechelen. In 2010, was the year of the 125/10 (nest brother to Mechelaar). This sprint star won three 1 st prizes as a young bird and many times in the top 10 places which has beaten all the top sprint lofts in the big area.

The first knock at my door was Yves De Wit, and he also races in my club and has told everything to Karel Laenen and his loft manager (Rudi) about my sensational results. At the end of the year Karel Laenen’s loft manager (Rudi) was asking me if “ I would sell the famous Mechelaar?” So, I have decided to give him on loan, his famous nest brother 124 Mechelaar and the deal was that I received three super breeding hens on loan to cross with my Sprint family.

(It is very important to note that the 124 Mechelaar went directly to Karel Laenen’s loft) Directly I have made a loft visit to Karel Leanen’s breeding loft and have picked out 3 super breeding hens. They have asked me if I was interested in a breeding cock, David Peeters‘ answer was yes , of course. So, I have chosen a cock that was bating in my jumper when I was holding him. From that moment he did not know that the pigeon was famous yet, but it was the super racer and breeder PITBULL 777 that I had in my loft that moment directly. That was my first Karel Laenen breeding bird into my breeding loft.

The famous Mechealaar stays in Karel Laenen’s and (Rudi) loft until late 2018 because after our deal in 2010 he wanted to buy the famous Mechelaar and David have said to Karel you can keep him until you do not need him anymore, than, he is going to have to come back to my loft in Mechelen.

In 2011, 2012, and 2013 David Peeters bought 30 direct Karel Laenen pigeons that were from his best super breeding pairs and super race pigeons and that was David’s best breeding foundation. Also, in 2010 David said: ‘Yves De Wit came to my breeding loft asking me for some top quality pigeons, because I knew Yves very well I gave him 8 – 10 direct pigeons out of my best breeding pairs on loan.’

Importantly, and immediately Yves paired his birds directly to the pigeons from Karel Laenen’s loft which was a great success in his racing and breeding capability. He had a fantastic year; after that in 2012, the direct pigeons from David Peeters should have gone back directly to his lofts . David said “but I couldn’t take them back because of the nice guy I am, I have told Yves De Wit he can keep them for one more year for breeding purposes” and continuously, in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Yves De Wit’s breeding foundation, you will find 30-50% directly from the super sprint star from Mecehelen, David Peeters. FACT

Here is a direct VIP breeding list in David Peeters‘ breeding loft of Mechelen:

  • 3 directs of PITBULL 777
  • 2 half sisters of PITBULL 777
  • 3 directs of the famous 701 PITBULL
  • 1 direct of the famous 702 PITBULL • 3 directs from the famous breeding cock 754 PITBULL Super breeding son of PITBULL 777 in the world
  • 1 direct with Karel Laenen‘ s famous Popemieke
  • 1 sister to the famous Tornado 3 rd National Ace KBDB
  • 1 sister to the famous Tornado 3 rd National Ace KBDB the famous Mechelaar 124, the nest brother famous Mechelaar 125
  • The new favourite PITBULL top racer
  • The Witte Advocate PITBULL Top racer
  • Blauewe Olympus top breeder
  • Tarzan top racer for Karel Laenen
  • Dikke Witte super producer over 25 1 st directly from PITBULL 777
  • Ugly Witte super breeder directly from PITBULL 777
  • The Amazing breeding Hen 323 directly from PITBULL 777
  • 48 direct grandchildren of PITBULL 777
  • 8 top breeding grandchildren of New Kittel
  • 1 direct of 819 Superke winner of six 1 st , daughter of PITBULL 777 and is full breeding sister to P&D Racing and Breeding Stud Uk, LADY PITBULL the best breeding daughter in the world The above pigeons are all directly in the breeding lofts of David Peteers of Mechelen.

Many thanks to Darren Catterson for this nice report !