Full sister “Leonti” confirms the top quality in the line Eddy Schroeven – Hermans!

After the grandiose top year 2021 with several national ACE pigeons in the middle distance and three Olympia ACE
 pigeons in Belgium, Eddy Schroeven was summarily excluded from the middle distance game 2022 in the big association!

So Eddy played his lightning-fast racers this year on the short distance to compete against higher numbers of pigeons. 
The Eddy also has absolute top material at this distance shows the yearling hen B22-2040374
 (full sister Leontien 1st national ACE pigeon KBDB small middle distance 2021).
This super hen flies 3 x 1st prize and would be a candidate for national ACE pigeon short distance but Eddy 
has decided to raise the hen No longer able to play due to the high temperatures. Eddy: "I put the full sister Leonti 
in the breeding loft because I don't want to take any risks"!!
Because Eddy unfortunately plays too well for the competition on the small middle distance and the envy doesn't stop,
 Eddy looked for a new challenge. From the national races for youngsters in 2023, Eddy and Benny Steveninck 
(Hamme, East Flanders) have formed a new loft community and will also compete with around 40 of Benny Steveninck's 
youngsters on these national races. Eddy Schroeven still has his own stock and sees Benny Steveninck's pigeons as a
 supplement to take part in the long middle-distance national races.
Team Amazing Wings wishes Eddy continued success!