01697 – 16 – 95 “Wonder Woman” Superstar DBA Dortmund 2020 with 7x 1. prizes

It is something special to breed a multiple 1st prizes winner.

But if you succeed in developing a supercrack with 7 clean, pure 1. prizes from your own breeding facility, then you can already speak of a unique experience in a breeding career.

“Wonder Woman”


01697 - 16 - 95 "Wonder Woman" is just such a white raven that causes a sensation.
This exceptional hen was drawn by SG MACK Racing Pigeon from a son of the legendary AD by Marcel Wouters,
 his character Olympiadevogel Nitra x daughter Blue Dream by August Wouters 1st national AS pigeon KBDB. 
The female, who was a gift to a good friend, is traveled by Josef Kellner from Wiesau.
Breeders and owners were of course very proud when the female was selected for the DBA Superstar 2020 in Dortmund.


  1. Bad Kreuznach I   vs.  3687 pigeons Regional 

          1. Borg                      vs.  2294 pigeons Regional

          1. Bad Kreuznach II  vs.  3581 pigeons Regional

          1. Karlstadt                vs. 1038 pigeons 

          1. Wertheim               vs.   972 pigeons 

          1. Bad Kreuznach III   vs.   800 pigeons

          1. Kaiserslautern        vs.   388 pigeons

          3. Bad Kreuznsach     vs.  2229 pigeons Regional

          3. Oudenaarde            vs.  344 pigeons

          9. Wertheim                vs.  2299 pigeons Regional 

         11. Kaiserslautern         vs 1549 pigeons


Father “Wonder Woman”

Mother “Wonder Woman”

In the current auction on AMAZING WINGS there are 3 full siblings to 7 times the 1st prizes winner.