Heinz Hilleke from Geseke: “Only the best leads to success”!

The uniquely breeding loft of the sports man Heinz Hilleke has become known in recent years over the borders of East Westphalia.

Heinz is always ready and driven to find or introduce only the best for his breeding loft.

Thus, he has certainly brought the best of the best of the loft Dirk Van Dyck, Günter Prange, Wolfgang Roeper and Hartmut Will on his breeding loft. In particular, the son son Di Caprio B13-6122657 has developed in recent years as an absolute top sire. As an example, the female DV 04391-15-1480 (daughter son Di Caprio) pulled by Heinz Hilleke and traveled by the sports friends Göbel & son in RV Geseke & environment.

Heinz Hilleke and Gino Clique (left)

Female 04391-15-1480 wins in 2018 u.a.

  1. against 612 Tb regional at 610 km , 1. FG against 1345 Tb u. 3. Reg. Verb. against 6150 Tb.            1.against 948 Tb regional at 535 km, 3. FG against 1694 Tb u. 12. Reg. Verb. against 8719 Tb.


against 1881 regional 3. and 3. In FG against 3866 Tb. at 339 km

against 1266 regional 9. and 10. In FG against 2541 Tb. at 412 km

against 2217 regional 11 and FG 11. against 4528 Tb at 252 km


Not only the son Di Caprio is a super sire but also the other top pigeons of Dirk Van Dyck, Günter Prange, Wolfgang Roeper as well as Hartmut getting a lot of positive feedback. Even the Grandmaster Wolfgang Roeper has two super fast Orig. Pigeons from Heinz Hilleke in 2018!

Heinz Hilleke and Patrick Boeckx (left)

Following the motto “Standstill is backlog” Heinz Hilleke has again invested only in the best of Belgium 2018.

With the Belgian lofts Gino Clicque from Wevelgem (Golden Prince) and Patrick Boeckx (Sagan), the very best was again strengthened!

Heinz always has the nose in front for the quality of the loft and the feedbacks prove him right with his motto “Only the best leads to success” !!

This "treasure chest" opens again this year 2 x exclusively on Amazing Wings with an auction of personally selected youngsters of Heinz Hilleke.

The team of Amazing-Wings wishes all breeders much success in this unique auction!


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