The 3th edition of Thailand Masters has started!!

Are you looking for a fair, honest and transparent loftrace? You have found it! You want to test some youngsters or continue and sharpen your one loft race ambitions? This is the right loftrace!

The organisor of this great OLR is Dr. Juve Teerapol. He is an experienced man and continues to adjust where necessary. In the 3th edition the direction of training and races has been moved 20° to the east side the result of this decision is a less harder race because the pigeons are not that deep in the landscape with some hills. The consequence is that the races are 10 to 30 km shorter.

From the first roadtrainings up to the final, you can observe and follow live on benzing website benzing (one loft race live).

The scheduled races: Pre race 150km, Pre race 180km, 1° Hotspot 220km, 2°Hotspot 260km, 3°Hotspot 320 km.

FCI Final 400 km (28th December)

Final 500 km (8th January)

In January the average temperature in Thailand is 32C° with a humidity of 89%. Don’t let these circumstances scare you! The birds are already acclimatized. The loft is situated in Nakhon Pathom, about 60km outside of Bangkok.

The loft is actually a big aviary which provides space for up to 6000 pigeons. Divided into 28 compartiments. The pigeons can rest on individual shelves. The pigeons are being taken care of by a team of professionals. Feeding, supplements, medication and vaccins are provided from Van Robaeys, Paloma and Belgica De Weerd.

You can participate individual or with a team. This last one is also popular. With a group of friends or pigeonclub, you can send some birds. There are 2 more collecting times on the schedule:

Monday 20th May and Sunday 16th June. Pigeons must be older than 45 days, also up to 60 days is perfect!

Do you want to compete for the Team Championship you need to send 12 pigeons at least. At delivery of the birds, you pay 1 x 150 euro activation fee, regardless the number of birds you want to ship. At the end of October, after many roadtrainings, there is the qualify race: 100 km.

The remaining birds you need to activate all, minus 1 (which you activated=paid at delivery of the pigeons). Activating means paying 150 euro each bird.

Pigeons that return after the final will be sold in an auction. 60 % of the profit returns to the breeder/owner of the birds.

For more information, do not hesitate and contact me! All payments can be done true a Belgian account, so very easy for you!

Collection dates – only possible after appointment! Shippingcost / bird = 45 euro

-Monday 20th May

-Sunday 16th June


Esther Vereecke ([email protected])

+32 477 58 47 18

Hugo Moris ([email protected])

+32 475 66 52 88


Esther Vereecke is also official birdcollector for Pattaya International Pigeon Race (Thailand).

Pigeons are collected at the same dates as Thailand Masters. Shippingfee = 45 euro.

See you soon! 😉