Albert Derwa a terrific champion!

It is a special honor for me to write about my friend Albert Derwa. Albert Derwa and me connect 
a friendship of over thirty years. In these many years one can safely say that we are unlikely
had a lot of fun. A friendship that I'm particularly proud of because Albert Derwa is not just one
the very best pigeon fanciers and players in Belgium but also a great person who has his heart in the right place.

In recent years Albert Derwa has shown all the "big ones" with his mini population of hens and youngsters 
where the middle distance is. With the unbelievable race results as well as national ACE pigeons KBDB and
 Olympia KBDB ACE pigeons he has won everything there is to win on the middle distance of Belgium! 
For me, alongside Willy Daniels, Albert Derwa was the best with very few pigeons in 2020 on the long middle distance:
1. National Champion Grand Middle Distance Old birds & Yearlings KBDB 2020
2. National Ace pigeon Grand Middle Distance Old birds KBDB
1. National Argenton (535 km) 2020 fastest of total 27.892 pigeons !
1. Olympic All-round 2020 
2. Olympic All-round 2020
1. Olympic pigeon Cat. H 2020
Amazing Wings is incredibly happy to offer our friends and fans selected late boys 2020 
from the very best travel hens from Albert Derwa in a top-class auction!
Thanks again to Albert Derwa for these great auction pigeons and good luck for the upcoming 2021 travel season!