AMAZING WINGS presents – HARTMUT WILL – The Grand Master from Gladenbach

“864” – an unprecedented success story

One of the best sires in Germany

He is in the last few years on everyone’s lips: The super sire “864” by Hartmut Will. His inheritance is unique. He is the founder of the Will colony, which is known by the name “The red gold of Gladenbach”, meanwhile beyond the borders of Germany and also Europe.

Hartmut Will has made the decision to step down a little bit in the future and to concentrate on a smaller travel and breeding team. The travel season 2019 is to be contested with a few then two-year-old pigeons and a manageable number of birds of the vintage 2018.

For this reason, he offers here in a one-time auction selected pigeons, which provided even in recent years for top performances, as well as a part of its exclusive breeding stock.


Here you have the opportunity to buy absolute top animals from this unique base.

Crucial to the strength of this performance family is the fact that not only Hartmut Will himself, but on many beats nationwide and Europe-wide, the descendants are in demand and achieve absolute top performance there.

To shine not only on your own loft but also with the offspring of many other breeders, this gift is not granted to many. Probably the one who can call such a sire his own. Hartmut Will has found him in the “864” and the great thing about it is that even the generation of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren lose nothing in their heredity

118 first prizes (as of September 2018 ", countless other top prizes and numerous best performances, etc., including placements
 in ACE pigeons at the federal level, Olympic Games, etc. are still available today with the offspring of the" 864 ".

An incredible number !!!

Achievements 2017 :

Due to private circumstances, the 2017 season was not approached as usual, or, not even as it would have been necessary to play at the top. In addition, the bird of prey has hit hard before and 7 top performers of the previous years were no longer available.

Nevertheless, the 2nd RV Championship and the first male championship could be achieved.

Current top pigeons at Hartmut Will:

The “217”, called “Rote AS” becomes 4.AS-Vogel BRD, 1. AS-Vogel in the province, 3. Best bird of the Hessenmeisterschaft Superstar DBA 2017. He flies u.a. the 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 5th, 5th, 5th, 5th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 10th Etc..

Already as a year-old, he won the 1st place at Germany Derby for yearlings at the federal level.

He comes from the “223” with the “1376”. He is now an even better sire than a flyer. Especially his grandson generation is fantastic.

The “323”, drawn from “177” with the “243” (Olympics 03 line) flies the 2nd, 7th, 7th, 7th, 7th, 10th, 14th, 15th, 17th, 17th, 18th, 18th, 20th, etc. Miterringer 1st place and 8th place Germany Derby for yearlings birds Germany 2012 Best bird in the RegV, RV and FG. Flies 13/12 prizes, only drops on the first tour by seconds from the prizes. In 2015 12/11, 4th Best of the RV.

The “248”, also from “177”, here with the “222” (also from “864”) flies the 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 5th, 8th, 12th, 12th, etc .. 1. Against 2.478 pigeons, 5th Nat. against 8,030 pigeons. Flies double digits every year. From 2018 in the breed.

The “656”, from “299” (son 178 x 1376) with a daughter “261” Günter Prange earns yearling 12/10, 3. Best yearling in RV and FG, double digits every year.

The “1232”, drawn from “178” with the “1671” (daughter “261” times daughter Ringlose) always flies second place.

His brother "40" becomes 2014 best bird of the RV with 13/12, 3rd ACE-bird Hessens, 2nd AS-bird in RV, and RegV, 68th AS-bird Germany




  • Paul-Heinz Wesjohann bred from a son “217” the best hen in the province 257 and 44.ACE-Täubin BRD
  • Bei Wolfgang Röper over Heinz Hillecke absolutely top prices
  • The SG Feldotto moves from a son “217” with a hen of the “Anton line” a super fast female
  • With Stephan Lang, a son of the “800” wins a regional victory
  • From the “20” (son 864 x 1376) now fly 3 children a regional victory.
  • At the SG Kersting fly from the “137” (out of 864 x his own daughter) one daughter year 13/11, another daughter yearling the 7th Regional 2 year old 4th Regional, another daughter the 1st prize on the free Race from Erlangen. Other boys from this bird win the 3rd and 32nd prize on this flight. Out of the “137” the two nest brothers 837 and 838 fly with SG Haas and Hübner enormously top as young animals, or as yearlings. These pigeons also come via the SG Kersting
  • From the “727” (double-grandson “864”) a son 13/11 flies with the SG Haas / Hübner, a son is in 2017 at the SG Kersting best young pigeon with 5/5, another daughter flies the first prize free flight Gain.
  • From the “462” (double grandson 178 x 1376 “) a daughter of the SG Haas / Hübner flies the 1st Regional with 20 meters / min. Ahead of the third prize pigeon. Another son flies at SG Kersting young 7/7.In Peter Malorny, a great-grandson “864” flies a regional victory
  • At Reinhard a great-grandson flies 13/13 prices

From the “790”, a son of “Totila” (full brother “864”) pulls the SG Kersting rows of super pigeons, so the “boss 333”, the u.a. 3rd AS-bird Germany was and Olympian for Germany was, the “334” (Nest Brother Chef “) of the 3rd regional Regensburg, the” 632 “the 10.AS females in the regional association

  • becomes the “389” the 9th best yearling hen on the regional flights etc. “789” => Brother 333 flies 1st prize “490” => Brother 333 flies 2nd prize “775” => son 333 flies 3rd prize
  • In Jens Borker comes from a daughter “864” (864 x own daughter 279 / this comes again from 864 x 177) the “Tissy”, this is mother of the 4th ACE pigeon at the OLR in Bulgaria (final flight 420km). Another son, the “141” is 1st ACE-youngster in RegV 410 and Best youngster of the RV with 6/6 prizes. He flies a year 1. 638 pigeons, a 4th prize vs. 2,895 pigeons and a 10th prize vs. 7,376 pigeons.
  • The breeding community Stephan Lang and Schmidt / Wirthmann win the German Association’s Championship 2017 (St. Lang) and the 2nd German Association Championship (Schmidt / Wirthmann) with progeny pigeons from Hartmut Will. A U- / great-granddaughter of the “864”, the “16-572” wins 11/10 prices and 501.21 AS-points at St. Lang and is co-ringer of the 11th German Association-Yearling Championship. A granddaughter “864” also wins at St. Lang 13/11 prices with 827.72 AS points. She is 3rd best female Hessens 2016 and Regional Winner from 413 km. 4,756 pigeons in 2016. In 2017, she wins 12/10 prizes with 723.18 ACE points. A grandson “864” wins again at St. Lang 2016 as year-old 13/7 prices and 2017 13/11 prices with 628.68 AS-Piunkte. From a combination son “864” times daughter 864 with daughter “Totilla x Halla (full sister” 790 “SG Kersting) flies a daughter at St. Lang two-year 12/10 and 651.00 ACE-points.
  • The contact between Hartmut Will and Günter Prange of course still exists. There are partly made community breeding, partly exchanged pigeons. The Grand Master from Meppen wins in 2017 u.a. with breeding pigeons by Hartmut Will the place at the Golden Duif for Germany. Hartmut Will got 520 and 261.
  • At Marc Brett, the “144” from a daughter “217 x 1376” flies young 5/5 with 385.89 points and becomes 2nd best youngster of RV 2016. He flies 13/12 with 781.48 points and becomes 2nd best year old bird of the RV.
  • In Thomas Dasch is a female from a daughter “178” RV best female with 12/10 and 9th Best female in the regional association. In 2017 she gets 12/12 Best Female in the FG. She flew the RV the 6.7.14. etc. At the same time she became 2nd Best Female in RegV.
  • In the SG Fries RV Steigerwald bred offspring from brother 217 and from son 217 and also grandson 864 essentially the following championships with: 2nd RegV champion, 2nd place Superstar Germany month July “De Duif”, 2 first prize
  • In Hartmut Behnke’s RV Torgau sons “864” have been flying the 2nd, 2nd, 4th, 4th, 4.5th, 5th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 7th, 7th, 8th, 9th ., 10. Etc. At the achievement of the 23rd German Championship, two grandchildren of the birds were decisively involved. . Several Enke fly 2 digits each. Best female of the RV and FG, 2 x 2 best year of the FG, 2nd best female of the RV and FG, multiple medal winners. 1st place at HO-Spot Talent Quatro QLR 2017, 2nd Prize Hotspot Preußenderby OLR medal, young animal championship etc..
  • In the case of Christian Niemann, RV Uelzen, offspring achieve numerous top performances on RV and RegV level, 7 first prize etc.
  • In the case of SG Knöppel / Koch, the 04292-16-68 will receive 12/2012 prizes in 2018 including. the 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd etc prize. He becomes 16.AS-Vogel Hessens, 1. ACE-Vogel in RV, FG and RegV and is Miterringer of the 4. Hessenmeisterschaft. He moved from a son of “248” at Will, who flew double digits every year until 2017 and moved into the breeding loft in 2018.
  • At the SG Bremen / Schroeder / stage RV Gelsenkirchen 1894 win 2 grandchildren 864 young 6/6 prizes, one of them also a 1st prize. A good tribe also tolerates inbreeding: the close line or even inbreeding is still a double-edged sword. But why do you do it? One wants to manifest the positive qualities of the tribe or a line, and then bring about a “power explosion” through the hybrid effect with a dove of alien blood. Better than all the words, the two following graphs can show the inheritance strength of this line.Here therefore relatively detailed and not so far going back to the family tree of the “864” and his brothers. So you see here all too clearly the breeding strategy of Hartmut Will: Strengthen the capacity of the own strain through family breeding and then use the hybrid effect with corresponding “passers” for another power explosion.
    And again and again excellent performance animals fall, be it in close line or even inbreeding, or even crossed


  • That’s him!!! “864” – The progenitor of the successful dynasty in Gladenbach.


    The “1376”, daughter of the “Hurrican” with the “daughter” Fienecke “


    Successful sons and daughters of the “864”

  • “223” – son “864” times his daughter “177”, u.a. Father of the “217”