Antoine De Graeve a great champion with a small basket !


The 85-year-old Antoine De Graeve from the East Flanders Waarschoot is like a good red wine from the French Bordeaux:

The older the better !!
1. General Provincial Master Ostflandern 2018
1. Provincial champion middle distance Ostflandern 2018
1.Provincial champion short distance Ostflandern 2018
3.National champion small middle distance KBDB 2018
3.National Champion Short Distance Old & Yearling KBDB 2018
4.National ACE pigeon KBDB small middle distance 2018
7.National AS pigeon KBDB short distance yearlings2018
and much  1.prize & top prices!!

Antoine De Graeve a name that every pigeon breeder in the Waasland of East Flanders knows. To play against Antoine De Graeve on the short- and middle-distance is not really a gift, because despite his 85 years he is still a tough player with very few pigeons. Antoine plays the simple widower with only 16 birds (8 old and 8 year olds) on the short and medium distance.

I’ve known Antoine since 2007 when he won the 1.Nat with his “Blue Champagne”. ACE pigeon KBDB Vitesse posed. At the time, this super bird was the best in Belgium on the short haul. At that time, you still needed 8 races for National ACE-pigeon Vitesse! 2007 was the first time that Antoine ever submitted for higher honors its results. I really had to convince him back then to submit the race results to the KBDB. Ten years later, his loyal friend Hubert Gillis takes over all submissions for provincial and national championships. Antoine is a pigeon fancier who despite his advanced age still has the ambition to play well and win. An old fox with bright eyes when talking about his ACE pigeons.

The origin of Antoine De Graeve’s fast-paced rivals comes from the batters Gebr. De Baere from Nokere (Desmet-Matthys), Romain Legiest (brothers.Janssen) & Maurice Mattheeuws. With only nine breeding pairs and 16 widowers Antoine can be described as a small fine “milker”.
Since Antoine writes down everything scrupulously in his studbook or travel results, he is certainly not a salesman, so there are only handwritten ones
Lineages. Antoine is still of the old stamp and rightly believes only in the good pigeon and not in glossy lineages and sales catalogs.
Amazing-Wings wishes the old fox Antoine all the best and much success with his noble pigeon tribe!
Pigeons in the running auction: