Bourges National the great classic of Belgium’s middle distance 2021!

A total of 59,421 pigeons (34,315 old birds and 25,106 year olds) were basketed for the first national 
race of the middle distance in 2021 Bourges. Compared to 2020 this was 13,470 pigeons more than last year

The opening took place on Saturday 29 May 2021 at 7.30 a.m. with blue skies and very good visibility
and light northeast wind.
The fastest pigeon from the entire field of participants was in West Flanders Wervik at 12:53:49 p.m.
recorded by Guido Vervaeke with a distance of 410.662 km. This should also be the 1st national
among the 25,106 yearlings and fastest of 59,421 participants with a speed of 1,268.19 minute meters. 
The great thing about this 1st National Bourges is that Guido Vervaeke auctioned the yearling Vogel B20-3100337 as a voucher. 
The national winner from Bourges comes from his friend Jacque Callewaert-Van Oost from Torhout.
Guido bought this 2020 voucher from Jacque Callewaert because he had already bought a very good pigeon of this loft a year earlier.
mother of B20-3100337
father of B20-3100337
The pedigree from the 1st National Bourges yearlings vs. 25,106 (fastest of 59,421 pigeons) B20-3100337
 is equipped with strong bloodlines: Bak 17 Marcel Albrecht, Tiesto Davy Tournelle,
 John Meurysse (2nd National AS pigeon KBDB) and Et. Meirlaen .
After visiting Guido Vervaeke in Wervik, it was only a stone's throw to Annemie Vanhee in Ten Brielensesteenweg No. 35, 
also in Wervik. Annemie is a passionate "pigeon lady" who has taken over the world-famous legacy from her father and 
grandfather Vanhee and is continuing it with great success!
Annemie recorded her one year old hen "Magic Princess Bambino" B20-3113454 at 12:58:15 pm at a distance of 410.132 km
 and 1,249.45 minute meters. This should be the 8th National vs. 25,106 yearlings. A super great placement on this middle stick classic!
In the descent of the 8th National vs. 25,106 yearlings from Annemie B20-3113454 "Magic Princess Bambino",
 you can still find the old lines Motta and Atoom on the maternal side and the noble blood of Flor Vervoort and
 DeRauw-Sablon on the paternal side.
The beautiful loft in Annemie Vanhee's garden also leaves nothing to be desired. You can see that the name Vanhee 
stands for absolute top quality in all directions! 

On the way back from Wervik I visited my old friend Jan Pappens in Hundelgem in East Flanders.
 Jan Pappens is certainly no stranger to the Belgian pigeon scene, he ensures regular top placements on the national races
 of the middle distance. Jan Pappens was also able to show an absolute top placement on Bourges National: at a distance of 430.976 km, 
at 1:13:49 p.m., he recorded his yearling hen B20-4035462 with a speed of 1,254.17 minute meters. 
This should be the 5th National vs. 25,106 yearligs! Another great result for Jan!
The super hen B20-4035462 (5th National vs. 25,106 yearlings) of course also has a huge pedigree: 
The father is a son of "DANIRA" flew 2nd National Bourges vs. 29,591 pigeons and on the mother's side a daughter
 of his progenitor De Crack "Willy" ".
The loft at Jan Pappens is simple and simple but very efficient. Countless 1st prizes have been won over the years from this loft system!
Amazing Wings warmly congratulates Annemie, Guido and Jan on their great successes on the first medium-distance classic in 2021.