Brilliant start by Kenny Hollanders on the middle distance 2021 !

It is currently the daily talk in Berlaar, Itegem, Mechelen & surroundings (Province of Antwerp)
the fabulous start of Kenny Hollanders.

Kenny Hollanders from Berlaar is certainly the man on the middle distance to beat, if you want to put yourself at the top of the price list. The competition certainly does not have an easy time against this middle-distance player. Also 2021 as you can see !


On Saturday 01.May 2021 from the race flight Melun (300 km) Kenny starts with the second fastest pigeon of the province of Antwerp of more than 7,532 pigeons !
In REGIO MECHELEN against 1038 pigeons: 2.,5.,6.,8.,13.,29.,30.,35.,37. Prize.
The second fastest pigeon of the province of Antwerp is the great blue hen B20-6200091, which already flew on Noyon (approx. 200 km) already pointed.
On Saturday 15.05.21 Kenny Hollanders wins the 1st prize in the flying community HAFO Turnhout & REGIO Mechelen against 2,481 pigeons with the yearling bird B20-6200169. Also a great bird in the hand which is certainly already in excellent shape for further top prices.
Kenny says of himself: “The middle distance is my game. For me, there is nothing more beautiful than the medium-haul and national flights of the large medium-haul route in the province of Antwerp. This is my world.”
Amazing Wings congratulates Kenny Hollanders on this great start !