Cairo Egypt Team Angry Birds wins with pigeons from AMAZING WINGS


  1. National against 2200 pigeons with the 23 first prizes.

The team Angry Birds from Cairo, a group of pigeon fanatics around Shieref Mohawed, are currently achieving spectacular results.

from right: Moustafa Desha, Mohamed Mohawed, Sherif Mohawed, Khaled Mohawed

No less than five first prizes in the first six races of the 2019 season, scored the team to Shieref Mohawed. Coronation was the 1st prize National Marsa Matrouh 405Km against 2200 pigeons with 108-2019.

The national winner was drawn from two pigeons which were purchased via AMAZING WINGS. This in turn shows once more of the class of offered pigeons on our auction platform.

Father national winner

Mother National winner


Pedigree is coming soon…


Congratulations from Germany to Shieref and the Angry Birds Team from Cairo !!