Nikolas Dobbelaere-De Buck presents the Superbird “Double Ace” the 3rd National ACE-Pigeon KBDB Long Distance Pigeons 2018!


The national race between 600 - 800 km is the Passion (Passion) of Nikolas Dobbelaere-De Buck from the West Flemish Oedelem (near Bruges).

The Belgian insiders of the long haul this loft is well known. Have already a number of top breeders strengthened at Nikolas Dobbelaere from his breeding pigeons! Since Nikolas is not the big seller this is not hung on the big bell. Therefore, the current level of awareness of Nikolas abroad is not so high, but this will change very quickly with his current super bird “Double Ace”!

With the super bird “Double Ace” B14-3049856 there is an absolute “white raven” on the stroke of Nikolas!

The classy bird “Double Ace” will be the 15th national ACE-pigeon KBDB on the long distance already in 2017 and last year 2018 became with the 3 races:


  1.  National Brive               (678 km) vs. 9.278 birds
  2.  National Limoges II       (642 km) vs. 7.274 birds

         42.    Nat. Zone A2 Limoges I (642 km) vs. 5.365  birds

         3.Nationale ACE-pigeon KBDB pigeon on the long haul 2018 !

With these national top performances (KBDB) 2017 & 2018 it was very easy for Nikolas to give the bird BE14-3049856 its fitting name “Double Ace”.

Looking more closely at the pedigree of this “White Raven” Double ACE BE14-3049856, one quickly realizes that the paternal side is finding the old Van Loon blood (inbred) mated to a daughter of the super breeding female BE04-3066697.

The Van Loon pigeons have been extremely successful in pushing Niklas Dobbelaere’s punch. Nikolas himself: “Yes, the Van Loon pigeons have made my long-distance strain even faster in recent years!

For the “Double Ace” BE14-3049856 there were of course very high bids from Far East due to these super achievements, but Nikolas has resisted the temptation!

If you are ever in the most beautiful city of Belgium (Bruges) vacation then drive to Nikolas Dobbelaere and convince yourself of this exceptional bird!

The Amazing Wings team congratulates Nikolas on this great ACE bird!

Markus Bauer