The Dirk Van Den Bulck Collection

At P&D they have one of the finest and largest breeding and racing collections of this sensational sprint family in the UK. Regarded by many fanciers as ‘breeding diamonds’ they hold over 65 of these birds direct from Dirk Van Den Bulck.

Being the first racing and breeding stud to obtain the original breeders and racers, not second-hand directs, enables them to offer the best of the direct children s: Goede Roede; Broer Goede Roede; Kittel; New Kittel; The Olympic Rosita; Witpen Stefaan; A and brothers and sisters off the following superstarWitpen Olympic 300; Blauwe Olympic 4,000; Blauwe Olympic 40,000; Golden Lady 871; Grote Maurice; Blauwe Leo; Jos Cools 637 hen; Blauwe Leo Ke; Vale As; Nest Sister to Kittel; Sagan and Golden Lady No.2.

They purchased 6 principal breeders and racers Golden Lady N02 – Nova Sagan – Blauwe Super Sprint 907 – Blauwe Kittel 723 – Golden Blauwe Leo 978 – Mr Exceptional in 2014 after Dirk decided to sell all his Super Stars to Flanders Collection on their purchase they have seen the world class Quality at first hand the Decision was made to have Finest and Biggest Dirk Van Den Bulck Breeding and racing Collection in the UK and abroad.

They turned their attentions to Flanders Collection & Dirk Van Den Bulck in 2014 & 2015 their first Super Breeder we seen was for them the Best Sprint breeder s in the world BE08/6139996 Goede Roede – Broer Goede Roede their type was amazing and have now bred over 100 x 1st was bred from the sensational Breeding Pair BE07/6218042 Vale Cools x BE07/6387871 Golden Lady 871 Golden Breeder Super Direct Daughter from Leo Heremans Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogske.

P & D van den Bulck

These two famous breeders are the back bone of all Dirk Van Den Bulck’s Racing & Breeding super stars Goede Roede’s Three Super sons BE13/6139803 Kittel 1st nat Asduif KBDB Speed 2013 BE13/6139849 Griepel 6th nat Asduif KBDB Speed 2013.

BE14/6091710 New Kittel Olympic Ace Budapest 2015 these three Brothers were all amazing in character how they were very Protective over there boxes always looking for you.

The Next line was the sensational BE06/6148378 Blauwe Leo x BE02/6219637 Jos Cools this pair were Sire & Dam to great breeding marvels.

Blauwe Olympic BE08/6140000 Blauwe Olympic BE08/6139999 Blauwe Olympic BE08/6139998 these three hens now have bred over 150 x 1st


Here are some top References from Massive breeders KBDB – ACES-CHAMPIONS-


1st Nat ace KBDB 2015

1st Nat ace KBDB 2016

1st Nat ace KBDB 2013

1st Nat ace KBDB 2013

1st Nat ace KBDB 2013

1st Olympic Ace NITRA 2013

2nd Nat ace KBDB 2013 MD

4th Nat ace KBDB 2012

6th Nat ace KBDB 2013

6th Nat ace KBDB 2010

16 National Ace pigeons KBDB in the last years & 3 times Olympiade


Great sprint dynasty by Dirk van den Bulck

Another super pair that they admired and heard a lot about was the parents to Famous Olympic Rosita.

Witpen Stefaan BE10/6291397 Direct son of the famous breeding Sire Blauwe Gert BE07/6337270 for Stefaan Lambrechts x Mother Olympic 300 BE10/6271300 class breeding daughter of Broer Goede Roede x Blauwe Olympic 40000 this pair bred the BE12/6254038 Olympic Rosita stunning racing and breeding hen is the dam to Famous Kittel – Greipel – New Kittel all modern day icons in UK and Belgium and Netherlands and Germany.

They thought Dirk van den Bulck was a great guy with great stock sense for great sprint racing pigeons with this in their minds they knew P&D racing & breeding stud UK was set to be a top Establishment in the world with that came more research and more directs Breeders & racers and of course more investment.

They obtained another full round from Dirks future breeders what and investment that has turned out to be in their 2015 Directs Exclusively you see the Breeding Exchange With Karel Laenen (Rudy van Reeth) what a class exchange of course. Karel Laenen famous Racer & Breeder Pitbull BE07/6201777 – Het Goed Wit BE04/6393307 stammoeder of their racing lofts.

Another Breeding Exchange Dirk has done in last few years is replenishing the Golden Line of Leo Heremans Leo himself has Direct children from Dirks Best Breeders Kittel – Rosita – Goede Roede.

Paul & Darren

At P&D racing & breeding stud they have over 65 Direct from Dirk van den Bulck & 5 Direct from Flanders Collection they like to add that they own all of the Directs of Kevin Moran of Liverpool which had many firsts in a short space of time.

They would like to conclude that P&D has the very best Dirk van den Bulck Dynasty in Europe and world wide they have reenforced their Sprint dynasty with Going to Leo Heremans obtaining 21Directs of his new Generation racers and breeders and addition to their Leo Heremans Family in August 2016 they purchased only the very best of Wilms – Vermeerbergen – Mostamans . Their Famous Pitbull – Stefaan Lambrecths – Leo Heremans with Devasting results they own there top racers and direct children from there super pairs.

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