DNA confirms the extra class of “ANNA” B21-5049054 the national winner Bourges vs. 18,707 youngsters !

René Geukens & Markus Bauer presented the young hen “ANNA” B21-5049054 as the winner (1st National) of the great middle-distance classic race Bourges vs. 18,707 youngsters on Saturday 31 July 2021.

On the website: www.amazing-wings.com, the national winner “ANNA” B21-5049054 was presented with photo and also her parents with photo and pedigree. This publication had caused a lot of conversation in the Belgian pigeon world, especially on social media.

It could not be that one “yellow eye” can be bred from two “white eyes”. The resulting discussion with different opinions was certainly allowed, but in the end the clear evidence counts and this is just the DNA!:


Transparency and honesty are incredibly important for René Geukens and Markus Bauer, these two fanciers can now present the DNA certificate of the 1st National Bourges “ANNA” B21-5049054 with a big smiley face and thus underline the extra class of the national winner once again.