Francis Vanhamel wins with “ROMULUS” B22-5088495 the 1. National ace pigeon KBDB speed youngsters !

The new emperor of the speed 2022 !

The new star of the speed in Belgium comes 2022 from the little loft of Francis Vanhamel in Berverlo (Province Limburg).

What a big victory for Francis ! His cock “ROMULUS” B22-5088495 was just raced seven times to win this desirable title. The new emperor of speed “Romulus” B22-5088495 won together in total 10 x 1. prize in the Club, Union and West Province Limburg !

Results first national ace  pigeon KBDB speed Youngsters 2022


 This exceptional doffer achieved this result in only seven races

If you look at the pedigree there is father side the famous “King of Sprint” blood from Mark Janssens and mother side the strain from Frans Rondags (Speedy/Figo).
Francis you see some times dreams come true !
Amazing Wings says congratulations to Francis Vanhamel to this great victory !
B22-5088495 “ROMULUS”  The new emperor of Speed !     
1. National ace pigeon KBDB youngsters speed 2022 !
Results for National ace pigeon KBDB youngsters speed 2022:
04.06.22 Momignies  138 km              4./   662  youngsters
09.07.22 Momignies  138 km              1./1.106  youngsters
16.07.22 Momignies  138 km              1./   692  youngsters
23.07.22 Soissons     226 km              2./3.185  youngsters
30.07.22 Soissons     226 km              1./2.861  youngsters
06.08.22 Momignies  138 km              2./3.282  youngsters
bred & raced by Francis Vanhamel
owner Markus Bauer, Tel. 0032 471 851357