Frans & Dirk Maris make the 1st national AS pigeon KBDB Klein Halve Fond 2018!

The first national ACE pigeon KBDB Kleine Halve Fond 2018 comes from the province of Antwerp and indeed from the stronghold of the short and medium distance Itegem / Berlaar!

The proud owners of the 1st Nat. ACE-pigeon KBDB Frans & Dirk Maris from Bruulstraat 36 in Itegem are certainly no strangers on the short and middle distance. For many years, every week on the short-haul route everything was won and won. Even the world-famous Gaston Van De Wouwer once said:

It is no match for the short-distance Champions Frans Maris. I’m going to look far and try the big middle distance (national flights of the middle distance) because I have against the fast-paced short distance devils of Frans Maris anyway the pit.

Frans & Dirk Maris also followed the trend in 2013 and also switched to the big middle distance and since then also take part in the national flights of the middle distance. In 2013, two pigeons were exchanged with the top punch Roger & Nick Thijs from Hallaar. This exchange was an absolute hit and is the basis of today’s successes on the middle distance with Dirk & Frans Maris. Frans: “Without the Thijs pigeons, the successes on the middle distance would not have been possible.

Our old short-distance blood goes well with the pigeons of Roger & Nick Thijs!

In 2014, with the super female “MAXI” B12-6024544, the 1.National Argenton Vs. 3660 pigeons won.

Mother Maxi

Father Maxi


This national victory showed Frans & Dirk that it was absolutely the right decision to try on the middle distance.

The win of the 1.Nationale ACE-pigeon KBDB Kleine Halve Fond was the culmination of an enormously strong travel season 2018.


“Martha” B17-6052627 impressively wins this coveted title:


1.Konkurs Melun                  vs. 1.532 Tauben

1.Konkurs Melun                  vs. 1.440 Tauben

2.Konkurs Chevrainvilles       vs. 1.556 Tauben

3.Konkurs Melun                  vs. 1.965 Tauben

9.Konkurs Chevrainvilles       vs. 3.043 Tauben


If you study the descent of the 1.Nationale ACE-Dove you immediately notice that the mother of Martha B14-6074365 is a sister of MAXI B12-6024544!

The fact that these successes after a short time on the middle distance adjusted testifies to absolute top material on the small blow of Frans & Dirk Maris.

Congratulations from the Amazing-Wings Team!

Markus Bauer