Johny Panis auch 2019 wieder eine Sensation auf der Kurzstrecke !

In the province of Antwerp, there are a lot of breeders who are committed to the short-distance game.

One of them is Johny Panis from Herentals, who in recent years has always had a great performance. This has not escaped the Grand Master Dirk Van Den Bulck! Dirk Van Den Bulck is so convinced of Johny Panis’ unique quality of pigeons that Johny asked to become a community breeder.

This joint breeding has been extremely successful, so this year Dirk Van Den Bulck has two AS pigeons in the association HAFO Mechelen in which 50% Johny Panis blood flows!


For Johny 2019 was again a super year:


  1.  Provinzielle AS-Taube Kurzstrecke Jungtauben KBDB Antwerpen 2019
  2.  Provinzieller Meister Kurzstrecke Jungtauben KBDB Antwerpen 2019
  3.  Nationaler Meister Kurzstrecke Jungtauben KBDB Belgien 2019
  4. Nationale AS-Taube Jungtauben Kurzstrecke KBDB Belgien 2019


Here is a small list of his travel services 2019:



The entire Amazing Wings team congratulates Johny Panis on these great achievements in 2019! Bravo


To the Auction!

Markus Bauer