Jos Van Den Brande a little hit of the extra class!

At the medium-distance classic Bourges (477 km) in 2017, the short and medium-distance player Jos Van Den Brande from Heultje (Westerlo) in the province of Antwerp won the 3rd national course against 38,456 youngsters.This was also the 3rd fastest of 59,243 pigeons. Furthermore, Jos Van Den Brande also won the 13th National vs. 38,456 youngsters only with little used pigeons.


Jos Van Den Brande has been playing extremely strong on the short and medium haul for many years and is a real player in his area. In the old and yearlings, Jos only plays with the birds, with the young birds playing birds and females. The young women are then also basketed on the national flights of the medium-haul route.

Its base comes from the Van Den Brande brothers and his friend Henri Menten, where pigeons are regularly exchanged or bred together. In his breeding loft there are about 16 breeding pairs who care for the necessary offspring. Today’s progenitor is the “Killo” B14-6206814 follow 3 x 1st bankruptcy itself! The “Killo” is a very strong pale bird, hence this name.

After Jos Van Den Brande had another top year in 2018 with the 8th national AS pigeon KBDB young pigeons small middle distance B18-6200534, the absolute highlight in 2019 was his long successful career with the title 1st national champion KBDB small middle distance Youngsters 2019 and 4th national AS-pigeon KBDB small middle distance youngsters 2019 with the female B19-6140434!

I personally am very happy for Jos Van Den Brande about this success because he is a very humble honest person with a big heart. Jos really earned this title 1st National Champion KBDB small middle distance youngsters 2019!

Congratulations again from the entire Amazing Wings team!