Jürgen Antenbrink from the RV Schwerte wins the 3rd Ruhrgebiet flight from Osterhofen (513 km) against 10.505 pigeons!

The 3. Ruhrgebiet flight from Osterhofen (513 km) was started at 6.10 clock with 10.505 pigeons. Weather on the start:  sunny, slightly cloudy, west wind.

At 12:38:38 pm Jürgen Antenbrink from RV Schwerte stated his yearling bird DV02779-18-1716 with a speed of 1,285,420 min./meters. This should be the fastest pigeons of 10505 seeded pigeons.

The likeable sports friend Jürgen Antenbrink is a breeder who still sees the pigeon sport as a real hobby. The joy was of course very great about the Ruhr Valley victory from Osterhofen as he was already several times very close to win a major Ruhrgebiet flight.

If you look at the descent of the year-old winner of the Ruhr area DV02779-18-1716 a bit more closely, one immediately realizes that his mother “Miss Ruhrgebiet” was certainly the cornerstone of the success from Osterhofen.

This great victory (1. Bankruptcy against 10.505 pigeons) spoke to China so that sports fans from the Far East visited Jürgen Antenbrink to admire the yearling Ruhr area winner.

The Bayern fans of Amazing wings (Markus Bauer & Gerald Mack) congratulate the Dortmund fan Jürgen Antenbrink sincerely this great success!

Dear Jürgen in soccer, it will then look a bit different than the pigeons!