Marcel Wouters and the young hen EVITA are the 2nd national AS pigeon KBDB young pigeons Grote Halve Fund!

A very happy and satisfied Marcel Wouters presented his young hen EVITA B20-6101197 to me as 2nd National AS pigeon KBDB youngsters long middle distance 2020.

The little hen EVITA B-6101197 won this title with the following race results:
15.08.20  Chateauroux (543 km)      National 73. vs 20.789 youngsters
12.09.20  Chateauroux (543 km)      National 54. vs 15.322 youngsters
22.08.20  Bourges (496 km) Zone B  National  2. vs 9.844 youngsters
The pedigree of the little EVITA shows us how much the two old stock pigeons still pass on their quality today.
The EXTREEM B03-6277483 & De LEEUW B03-6277418 not only ensured many exceptional pigeons at Marcel Wouters!
Marcel Wouters and his wife very happy about the victory of the 2.national ace pigeon KBDB youngsters heavy middle distance 2020 !
Amazing Wings congratulates our friend Marcel Wouters and his wife on this great success !!