Michel Lossignol & Geert Vlaeyen win 3rd & 4th National Gueret (573 km) vs. 7,175 pigeons!

On August 1st, 2020 the national flight Gueret (573 km) was on the program in Belgium. It became that 7,175 pigeons and 12,888 yearlings, a total of 20,063 pigeons basketed for this race. Start was on Saturday, August 1st, 2020 at 7.30 a.m. with nice weather, southwest wind, good view.

Michel Lossignol & Geert Vlaeyen
The two sympathetic sports friends Michel Lossignol & Geert Vlaeyen from Budingen changed their position
02/15/51 at a distance of 573.796 km her hammered hen B18-2060147 at a speed of 1,268.62 min./meter. 
This should be the 3rd National vs. 7,175 pigeons and the 5th fastest of a total of 20,063 pigeons. 
Shortly afterwards the second hen B18-2060578 was recorded with a speed of 1,264.84 min./meter. 
This blue hen should be the 4th national against 7,175 birds.
hen B18-2060147
hen B18-2060147
hen B18-2060147
hen B18-2060578
hen B18-2060578
hen B18-2060578
A terrific double hit with the 3rd & 4th National for this little super hit in Budingen!
Anyone who thinks that this was just a flash in the pan is very wrong because the yearlings from Michel & Geert 
are also at the top every week on national flights. These two sports fans are also doing very well for the national championship on medium-haul flights!
The pedigree of the two super women shows once again that only the best of the best leads to success.
Amazing Wings warmly congratulates Michel & Geert on this great result!