“Miss Roger” by Francis & Bart Verdeyen wins 2.National Bourges Vs. 17,944 yearlings!

On Saturday 25.05.19 it was time again “Bourges” the great classic of the middle distance of Belgium was on the program.

There were a total of 41,989 pigeons of which 17,944 year olds and 24,053 old birds at the start. Beginning was at 08.00 o’clock with high clouds, good visibility and northwest wind.

At 14:05:09 clock the sympathetic father-son duo Francis & Bart Verdeyen from Steenokkerzeel near Brussels (right next to the airport Zaventem) stated their “Miss Roger” B18-2100620 at a distance of 451 km and a speed of 1242.158 min ./Meter.

This should be National against 17.944 yearlings the 2.prize! Of course, the joy was very big in the house Verdeyen with such a result!

Francis & Bart proved to be true sportsmen: We are very happy about the 2.National and congratulate Guy Van Der Auwera for winning and 1.National yearlings from Bourges!

In the super female “Miss Roger” B18-2100620 the 2.National was certainly no coincidence. Had the female already flown as a young dove & yearlings super:

174.National Chateauroux vs. 17.281 Tb.

342.National Argenton      vs. 16.496 Tb.

  1.   Momignies  Club         vs.      131 Tb.
  2.   Momignies  Club         vs.      190 Tb.
  3.   Momignies  Club         vs.      456 Tb.
  4.   Noyon        Club         vs.      256 Tb.
  5.   Chevrain    Club         vs.      267 Tb.
  6. Soissons    Club         vs.      269 Tb.
  7. Le Mans     Club         vs.      163 Tb.

The parents of “Miss Roger” come from a little lover from the Steenokkerzeel area. The dam “Mooie 28” was also Miterringer of the first national championship KBDB youngsters in 2013. The father “King Roger” won 2 x 1.prize and 9 x 10.

The Amazing Wings team congratulates again Francis & Bart on this great success! Keep it up !!

Markus Bauer