“Olympic Sandra” 1.National AS pigeon of Germany Kat.A in Poznań (Poland) 2019!

Heinz Scharmann from Beelen in Ostwestfalen presented with his super female "Olympic Sandra" DV 03139-16-935
 the 1st ACE-pigeon of Germany Kat.A in Poznan (Poland) 2019

It is no wonder that this super female classified as the 1st ACE pigeon for Germany in the category A. She flew in her 
short career almost every weekend absolute top with 3 x 1st prize in the RV Warendorf and Reg.V 416 Ems-Werse





See the performance overview 2017 & 2018!

If you look at the pedigree of the "Olympic Sandra", it is no wonder that she became German Olympic queen:

On the father's side: Leo Heremans & Gus (Brother Olympics 003) with Rik Vloeman's Hurricane 51 by Paul-Heinz Wesjohann! 
Maternal: Günter Prange line 36 (Ringless) with Leo Hereman's Olympics 003 & Den Euro by Martin Steins!

Heinz Scharmann and his likable daughter Sandra proudly presented the "Olympic Sandra" DV 03139-16-935 with sparkling eyes. 
The female is also in the hand a real rocket!

Ostwestfalen seems to be a good place for Olympic pigeons at all! Especially the area around Oelde & Beelen where also Martin Steins is at home. 
Martin Steins has already been a two-time Olympian (Budapest 2015 & Brussels 2017) but now his colleague Sandra Rottmann has shown together with
 her father Heinz Scharmann in Oelde where Bartl gets the must!

Amazing-Wings gratuliert dazu sehr herzlich !

Markus Bauer