Combination Elvira & Rolf Nieland represent Germany the 1st Olympia ACE-Pigeon category F young birds for Romania 2022 !

If you want to admire the 1st Olympia ACE-Pigeon Germany’s category Young Pigeons for Romania 2022 you have to go to the north of Germany and that to East Frisia in the province Aurich to the combination Elvira & Rolf Nieland.

The sympathetic combination Elvira & Rolf Nieland are certainly no longer unknowns in pigeon sport. In addition to many regional awards in recent years, 2018 was the 8th place at the German Association Championship.
“Olympia Goldstück” is the name of the new star in the loft of Elvira and Rolf Nieland. The young bird DV06632-20-214 now with the sounding name “Olympia Goldstück” flew the following top prices in 2020 in the young flight:


18.08.20 Heek       153 km vs 1.452 young birds 1. prize !
23.08.20 Borken    183 km  vs 1.335 young brids 2. prize !
30.08.20 Alpen      219 km vs 1.336 young birds 1.prize  !
13.09.20 Erkelenz  286 km vs   972  young birds 1. prize!



In the Olympic classification category F (young pigeons) 3 betting flights count no problem for “Olympia Goldstück” DV06632-20-214 with a coeff. 1,681 this young bird became 1st Olympia ACE pigeon of Germany for Romania 2022.


His nest brother DV06632-20-213 also showed his class with a 6th prize against 1,100 young pigeons as well as a 7th prize  against 972 young pigeons.


The pedigree of the “Olympia Goldstück” DV06632-20-214 leaves nothing to be desired for the Leo Heremans/Gust Jansen fans. A very special family pairing of these two exceptional inheriters Olympia 003 and his brother from the CIS comes from the new star of Elvira and Rolf Nieland.