Staaf Boeckmans is also the 2019 1st AS pigeon in the yearlings & old birds 2019 in Teinverbond!

It is certainly not easy when you have to compete against the short-distance specialists Dirk Van Den Bulck, Patrick Boeckx, Jos Cools, Harry Smolders and Dirk Donckers (Sticker-Donckers) in the Tienverbond every week.

Staaf Boeckmans has also shown in 2019 the competition in the Tienverbond how it’s done.

In 2019, Staaf presents the first ACE pigeon from Quievrain with his yearling bird B18-6168721 to the yearlings & old birds.

It is not the first time that Staaf represents the 1st ACE-Bird in the Tienverbond. In 2016 he even placed two 1st ACE pigeons:

The 1st national ACE pigeon KBDB Vitesse in the old birds with the bird B14-6091403 and the 1st provincial ACE pigeon KBDB Antwerp and 11th national ACE pigeon KBDB short distance young pigeons with the female B16-6246712. These are two real white ravens of the short-distance game.

The present tribe of Staaf Boeckmans was built with the B09-6293886 “VALE DIRK” (brother VALE AS son Goede Rode of Dirk Van Den Bulck).

This huge sire runs like a red thread through the existence of Staaf Boeckmans.

The 1. ACE-bird KBDB B14-6091403 was acquired by Dirk Van Dyck and turned out to be the top sire at Dirk!

The 1. AS female B16-6246712 was sold this summer for a handsome amount to Far East.
Amazing Wings offers the unique opportunity to step up from these super fast short distance pigeons.

To the Auction!

The entire Amazing Wings Team congratulates Staaf Boeckmans on the 1st ACE-Taube Tienverbond from Quievrain 2019!

Markus Bauer