Stefan Steenbergen wins 1st National Chateauroux vs. 33,220 yearlings and fastest of 53,559 pigeons!

It was already a very impressive number of 20339 pigeons and 33.220 yearlings (total 53.559 pigeons) who started on Saturday 4th July at 7.30 a.m. in Chateauroux with a strong southwest wind.

Stefan Steenbergen from Herk-De-Stad stated at 12.17.54 (521 km) his blue hen B19-5042610 at a speed of 1,812.02 min./meter.
 This should be the fastest pigeon in the entire field of sensational 53,559 pigeons and of course the 1st National vs. 33,220 yearlings!

National winner  B19-5042610

The national winner B19-5042610 originates on his father's side from his super line Van Camp-Govaerts with Flor Vervoort x Maurice Voets 
and on his mother's side Gebr. Janssen x Roger Buvens. A breeding mix of top Belgian lines that guarantee success at Stefan Steenbergen!

It is clear to everyone that this sensational success with the 1st national and fastest pigeon
 from Chateauroux (521 km) against 53,559 pigeons naturally caused a stir internationally.

We warmly congratulate the happy Stefan Steenbergen with a “lady visit” from China!

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