Thorsten Steuer wins the Ruhr area flight from Hemau (414 km) vs. 14,023 pigeons!

Union 401/402/403 with 25 Unions and 566 breeders with 14,023 pigeons participated in the first Ruhr area flight of this year on Saturday 04.07.20. Start was in Hemau on Saturday at 7:00 a.m. (414 km). Weather: Slight cloud cover, good distant view, light W-SW wind.

The likeable breeder Thorsten Steuer from the Unsion Dortmund Scharnhorst confirmed his yearling hen DV08953-19-1317 at 11:53:01 a.m.
 at a speed of 1,415,049 min./meters. This should be the fastest pigeon of 14,023 pigeons from this great Ruhr area flight from Hemau (414 km)!

Hen DV08953-19-1317

The friends at Thorsten were of course very big about this magnificent Ruhr area victory (1st prize against 14,023 pigeons) 
because he also knows the downside of the medal in pigeon racing. Fourteen days before the start of the trip, Thorsten unfortunately 
had a marten who had bitten all 36 travel birds. An unbelievable sad story! So he had to quickly find a solution with the missing birds 
and improvise in order to be able to travel with the still existing females. That he has solved this great is now evident from the first
 prize of the Ruhr region flight from Hemau (414 km) with the first prize against 14,023 pigeons.

The Ruhr area winner DV08953-19-1317 was bred by André Boyer from Münster and handed over to Thorsten Steuer
 for travel. If you look at the pedigree you will see very quickly that the noble blood flows in the veins of this winner!
 "GUS" full brother Olympiad 003 (Leo Heremans), SG Vollmer-Vorspohl and Big Boss by Wolfgang Roeper. The best of the best!

Unfortunately, in the past few years, some regional associations have not participated in these unique Ruhr area races
 (a real advertisement for our beloved pigeon sport).

It is probably some selfish people who cannot have it, that other sports enthusiasts might place themselves in the price list in front of them due to the favorable wind. That’s why you don’t participate anymore instead of supporting these great races. Germany and the Ruhr area should be proud of these races!

Amazing Wings once again congratulates Thorsten Steuer from Lünen on this grand victory!