Team Schlüter wins the 2nd Ruhrgebiet flight from Regensburg (448 km). 10,029 pigeons!

The successful duo Günter & Dietmar Schlüter (Team Schlüter) from the RV Recklinghausen 08 win the first prize of the Ruhr area flight Regensburg (448 km) on 23.06.19 against 10,029 pigeons with the blue bird DV06449-16-1.

On Saturday 23.06.19 in Regensburg (448 km) at 7.40 clock in good weather 10,029 pigeons were started.

At 12.23.21 clock Guenter & Dietmar Schlüter stated their supercarrier DV06449-16-1 with a speed of 1,622,537 min./Meter this should be the fastest pigeon of the entire field of participants from the Ruhr area!


The pedigree of the 1st race winner underlines his speed!

The two top players Team Schlüter are no strangers in German pigeon racing are also the sensational success of recent years. So they put u.a. also in 2018 the 5th Ace hen at the federal level!

As you can see, not only are the pigeons of Günter Schlüter fit, but he too! Every day Günter is on his bike to stay in good shape like his pigeons!

After cycling, there is always a good glass of white wine from Austria.

The entire Amazing-Wings team congratulates Team Schlüter on this great success.

Markus Bauer