Chris & Georg Ketzler, RV Bochum North win the 1st Ruhr flight from Hemau (421 km). 17,317 pigeons!

This year’s winner of the 1st Ruhr flight from Hemau (421 km) comes from the RV Bochum Nord.

The loft Chris (34 years) and father Georg (68 years) Ketzler are the bright winners of the race Hemau against 17,317 pigeons!

Release was at 6.30 in the Hemau in good weather. There were 3 regional federations with 25 RVen and 637 breeders with 17.317 pigeons at the start.

At 11.09.12 hrs at a distance of 425.693, Chris & Georg Ketzler from RV Bochum Nord stated her two-year-old bird DV0964-17-168 at a speed of 1,524,688 min./m. This should be the 1st bankruptcy against 17.317 pigeons!



It was certainly a big surprise as the two-year-old bird could not show its true qualities until then.

As a youngster he made 5 awards and as a year old he had to be taken out of the travel team due to an injury. But now in 2019 as a two-year-old (again fit & in top form) he showed his true class!


If you look at his pedigree you can see that the old Schellensline is still good for top prices!

The Amazing Wings team congratulates the two sports friends Chris & Georg to this great success!

Markus Bauer