Ulrich Luyke wins Ruhr area flight from Osterhofen (550 km) against 8,618 pigeons!

left Ulrich Luyke right HansMenke
A total of 8,618 pigeons were on the second Ruhr area flight on 19 July 20 from Osterhofen (500 km) at the beginning. Start was at 9.45 a.m. Weather on release: sun / cloud mix, good visibility, 16 degrees, slight south-easterly wind later on south-west.

The 79-year-old Ulrich Luyke from RV Menden noted his yearling bird DV02619-19-1172 at 3:47:10 p.m. at a speed of 1,346,444 m / meter. This should be the 1st prize against be the entire field of 8,618 pigeons!
The joy was of course especially great with the sports friend Ulrich Luyke, who is the 1st Ruhr area winner DV02619-19-1172 a sign of friendship i.e. the super fast year old bird was bred by his friend Hans Menke (RV chairman) who regularly supplies Ulrich Luyke with good pigeon material.
The pedigree from the Ruhr area winner DV02619-19-1172 leaves nothing to be desired: Hurrican 51, Flor Vervoort, G. Leysen (Dirk Van Dyck), Wolfgang Roeper and Heinz Radmacher.
The Amazing Wings Team congratulates 79-year-old Ulrich Luyke on this grand victory and Ulrich hopes to have another Ruhr area winner again at the age of 80 next yeart !