Franz Josef Göcke wins 1st National Westphalia race from Plattling (500 km) vs. 12,579 pigeons!

This year the three provinces 256, 409 & 416 had joined together to form the new ones “Westphalia races” 2020.

Personally, I think that's a great thing because the opposite is currently taking place in the Ruhr area. You should look for the big competition
 to compete with your pigeons and not always compete in the small RVs. The new Westphalia race flights 2020 are certainly a good example
 for other regional associations and recommended for imitation


On July 12, 2020 the race from Plattling (500 km) was on the program. A total of 12,579 pigeons were basketed for this flight. Start was on 07/12/20 at 07.35 a.m. in good weather.
At 13.02.47 o'clock Franz Josef Göcke from RV Beckum (Reg.Verband 416) registered his annual bird DV01281-19-1653 with a speed of 1.435.143 min./meter. This should be the 1st prize of the entire field of participants vs. 12,579 pigeons.
The pedigree of the national winner DV01281-19-1653 from the Westphalia race from Plattling (500 km) is at its finest! Leo Heremans,
 Wolfgang Roeper, Fernand Marien, Jos Deno, Hennes Kristiaan & Koopman! All great bloodlines!
 Franz Josef Göcke was really lucky, finding this speacial couple  DV01274-16-40 with DV01281-15-790.
Amazing Wings warmly congratulates Franz Josef Göcke on this great success!