Werner SAS is a candidate for the 2nd national ACE pigeon KBDB youngsters Vitesse 2020 with his young bird “DE KOGEL”!

The sensation in the province of Antwerp is the young bird “DE KOGEL” B20-6140804 now called “DE KOGEL”.

This little blue young bird from Werner SAS - Van Der Eycken from Vosselaar is without a doubt the talk of the day in the short-haul union TIENVERBOND.

“DE KOGEL” B20-6140804
“DE KOGEL” B20-6140804
DE KOGEL B20-6140804 is candidate 2nd National AS pigeon KBDB short distance youngsters 2020 with the following results:
1. Quievrain (130 km) vs. 1.210 birds
1. Quievrain (130 km) vs. 1.333 birds
1. Quievrain (130 km) vs. 1.133 birds
2. Quievrain (130 km) vs. 1.462 birds
Mind you, these sensational race results against strong competition such as Dirk Van Den Bulck, Dirk Donckers, Johan Donckers, Jos Cools etc.
The pedigree from DE KOGEL B20-6140804 also underlines this unique achievement with the blood of Gust Jansen (Leo Heremans) & friend Staf Boeckmans!
Amazing Wings wishes the sympathetic Werner and his wife Linda all the best & congratulations!