Roger & Nick Thijs win 10th, 35th & 41st National Bourges youngsters (474 ​​km) against 28,551 pigeons!

On Saturday 22.08.19 with a week’s delay (due to the high temperatures) Now the youngsters classic Bourges National was on the program.

There were 28,551 youngsters in Bourges (474 ​​km) at the start. The opening time was at 8 a.m.
Weather at the Start  : fine to very fine, southwest wind, good visibility.
Roger & Nick Thijs from Hallaar (Antwerp Province) recorded their youngsters at 12:31:28 p.m. B20-6185719 with a speed of 1,749.25 min./meter this should be the 10th national against 28,551 youngsters. To round off the top result from Bourges, the 35th &. 41st National vs. 28,551 youngsters in addition! A really great result that can be seen. Roger & Nick will have a strong 2020 season anyway, if you look at the weekend before: 5th national yearlings by Gueret (586 km) against 12,888 pigeons!
At the 10th National Bourges vs. 28,551 young birds are involved
a grandson of the super sire "Witte 6" B11-6217606. On the paternal side, the Engels bloodline is 1. National Limoges vs. 15,009 pigeons.
Amazing Wings warmly congratulates the Thijs family on this great result for Bourges National Youngsters!