Albert Derwa wins 1st provincial Blois (444 km) fastest of 4,222 pigeons!

The sympathetic breeder Albert Derwa from Herent wins the 1. Provinzial Blois (444 km) against 2.802 yearlings 
on Saturday 02.06.18 and is at the same time the fastest pigeon of 4.222 participants.

At 8:15 pm 4,222 pigeons (1,420 old and 2,802 year olds) from the province of Vlaams Brabant in Blois were started together.

Albert Derwa

Albert recorded his year-old female “IRINA” B17-2065111 at 13.30.09 at a distance of 444.493 km at a speed of 1,410.417 min./m, making this year-old female the fastest pigeon in the entire field!

“IRINA” B17-2065111

Our friend Albert Derwa is known for playing very strong only with very few pigeons. In addition, only with females in the old flight participated. Total travel booth only 9 female and 9 year old females, with whom he also went on Saturday 02.06.18 in the race Blois at the start. In the case of the old females, Albert scored a fabulous 9 prizes out of 9 placed pigeons (100%). At the yearlings 6 prices of 9 seeded.

Pricelist 2017/18

The winner of the year, IRINA B17-2065111, inherited the “victorious gene” in the true sense of the word: Father is the Invictus B13-2110100, he won 1st National Issoudun against 16,587 pigeons and the dam B11-3070106 is a granddaughter of the world famous Bliksem by Gaby Vandenabeele.

Wingprofil Irina left

Wingprofil Irina right


The Albert steals the show again in the travel year 2018 some big names, already stands out: In the current racing season was played 9 times, of which achieved Albert Derwa incl. Doubling fabulous 21 bankruptcies!

When I visited Albert right after the flight from Blois, I realized very quickly that his females are currently in absolute top form and in the next few weeks certainly with some super results can be expected.

Amazing Wings wishes our friend Albert continued success!

Markus Bauer