Amazing-wings goes into the summer break

The auction season 2017/2018 of Amazing-Wings is now closed at the end of May.

Amazing-wings would like to thank all customers and buyers for their great support in the successful auctions.

From June onwards, however, Amazing Wings will continue to acquire very interesting pigeons at the ‘ fix price pigeons ‘ category!

To the Fix price auction

During the Summer Break there are also current reports from the national winners from Belgium, as well as the presentation of the German breeders who participate in the auction “Made in Germany ” in Kassel on Saturday in august.

From September 2018 starts the new auction season 2018/2019 with the traditional Grand Opening.

In this auction there are a lot of absolute ‘ High Lights ‘ which make every breeder’s heart beat faster.

Amazing-Wings wishes all sports friends to continue a successful travel season 2018!

Good Luck

Markus Bauer & Gerald Mack

And the team of Amazing-Wings