Eyeblink Final of Chateauroux National 45,580 pigeons!

On Saturday 09.06.18 the big Belgian middle distance flight Chateauroux (France) took place. There were a total of 45,570 pigeons (26,881 year olds and 18,689 old birds) at the start.

Release was at 7:00 am with nice weather and north / north / east wind. It should not be an easy flight due to the headwind and thus the quality of the pigeons had to prove itself.

It was a blink of an eye final on the arrival of the 3 fastest pigeons:

  1. Hok Smits Steve from Rotselaar at a distance of 509.847 km clock at 14:26:18 clock with 1,142.3862 min./Meter old pigeon


  1. Roger & Jürgen Vervaeke from Deerlijk at a distance of 465.336 km notice at 13.47.31 clock with 1.141,9242 min./Meter yearlings


  1. Benny Van Pocke from Sijsele at a distance of 502.169 km stated at 14.19.52 clock with 1.141,6002 min./Meter yearlings


A very close decision in the TOP 3 placings in such a hard race!

1.National old birds vs. 18.689 and fastest of the entire field vs. 45,580 Tb. Is a beautiful 3-year-old bird B15-2106417 Hok Steve Smits from Rotselaar, Vlaams Brabant. Steve is a 39-year-old fully motivated pigeon breeder and comes from a jewels & diamond family. His grandfather was once one of the largest diamond dealers in Belgium. That’s why Steve has a connection to these precious and beautiful things. The now 3-year-old bird B15-2106417 with its terrific national victory (fastest of 45.580 pigeons) van Chateauroux (509 km) now also belongs to the precious things in the pigeon world is probably as clear as day!

Steve Smits and his winner

Steve christened his crack B15-2106417 “Fabergé” on Saturday. Peter Carl Fabergé from Saint Petersburg was once the manufacturer of the precious Faberge eggs (trinket) that the Russian Tsar gave his wife at Easter. The 3-year-old hammered bird B15-2106417 “Fabergé” is also a real gem in the hand. Incredible model with unlikely muscles and an extremely fast wing.

                                                                    Top form of the winner

Wing profile left

Wing profile right

The national winner “Fabergé” B15-2106417 was in the Club Sans Peur already in 2016 the 6th AS-Dove Big Middle Distance and 2017 again the 3rd AS-Dove Great Middle Distance with a number of super results and is therefore a true AS!


3de Asd Grote Halve Fond Sans Peur oude 2017

6de Asd Grote Halve Fond Sans Peur Jaarse 2016

Snelste van gehele concour van 45859 d

1/18689 d Nat Chateauroux    0,005

1/948 d Prov Chgateauroux    0,1

1/3642 d C.F.W. Chateauroux 0,02

1/517 d Melun club                 0,1

7/1282 d Melun O.V.               0,5

11/2675 d Melun N.H.V.         0,4

2/263 d Tdd La Souteraine      0,7

9/1399 d B.U. La Souteraine   0,6

24/9580 d Nat La Souteraine  0,2

7/174 d Tdd Argenton              4,0

79/4582 d Nat Argenton          1,7

16/383 d Tdd Blois                    4,1

8/137 d Momignies                   5,8

9/344 d Tdd Vierzon                 2,6

15/1521 d B.U. Vierzon            0,9

10/205 d Tdd Argenton            4,8

56/2007 d C.F.W. Argenton     2,7

11/115 d Tdd Vierzon               9,5

65/651 d B.U. Vierzon              9,9

48/493 d Tdd Blois                    9,7

200/1743 d Prov Blois              11,47

9/374 d Tdd Bourges                2,4

252/3505 d C.F.W. Bourges    7,1

9/344 d Tdd Vierzon                 2,6

15/1521 d B.U.Vierzon            0,9

5/434 d Tdd Chateauroux       1,1

18/1972 d B.U. Chateauroux  0,9

292/20473 d Nat Chateauroux 1,4

5/295 d Tdd Blois                       1,6

32/1420 d Prov Blois                  2,2

35/1482 d B.U. Blois                   2,3

6/64 d Tdd Chateauroux           9,3

28/415 d B.U. Chateauroux      6,7

Family tree Fabergé

For Steve Smits this is the second national victory in his young pigeon career. Exactly 10 years ago in 2008, Steve also won the 1st National La Souterraine Vs. 21,271 youngsters (fastest of a total of 25,931 pigeons), therefore, he was aware that there would be a big hype about this national victory but that it should be so bad he had not thought! The phone was silent all weekend with congratulations and requests if he would sell his 1st national. A wealthy farmer from Far East made an unlikely high bid for this super bird but Steve remain firm and denied the bidder. Steve said: “If Dirk Van Dyck had sold his Kannibaal, he would not have become the famous Dirk Van Dyck.” If Albert Derwa had sold his Pauline, Albert would not be the breeder he is today! ”

There is a lot of truth in this statement and money is not everything in life!


1.National yearlings vs. 26,881 pigeons were recorded in West Flanders at 13:47:31 clock with 1.141,8824 min./Meter at Roger & Jürgen Vervaeke from Deerlijk. It is also a magnificent bird with a very great pedigree. The super-old B17-3094978 is from his father’s side B10-3067010 “De 10” goes back to the famous “Bieke” by Rik Cools / Blancke. The mother is an Orig.Weibchen from the boyfriend Chris Debacker and comes from a full brother of “Christa” was 4th National AS-pigeon KBDB middle distance.

Roger & Jürgen Vervaeke

Superyearling B17-3094978

Wing profile right superyearling B17-3094978

Family tree superyearling B17-3094978

  1. National yearlings vs. 26.881 pigeons and at the same time 3rd quickest of 45.570 pigeons from Chateauroux comes from near Bruges in West Flanders.

    Flog als Jungtaube:

    3 gegen 367 duiven arras 108km

    9 gegen 234 duiven arras 108 km

    132 gegen 513 duiven clermont 214 km

    125 gegen 339 duiven fontenay 339 km


The young breeder Benny Van Poucke from Sijsele stated his little blue-aged bird at 14.19.52 hours with a speed of 1.141,6002 min./Meter (502.169 km) and thus became the second national among the yearlings. Benny has been deaf breeder since his 13-year-old could not believe his luck at first that he had a dove from Chateauroux so early! The descent of the Supervogel goes back to a half-brother of the B11-3027603 one of the best pigeons in the area.

Benny Van Poucke with his bird  B17-3085435

The little blue bird B17-3085435 from Benny became the 2nd national yearling of Chateauroux and has been beaten only very thin so this pigeon is also my deepest respect and recognition!

wing profile right  B17-3085435

Eye  B17-3085435

Pedigree B17-3085435

Widow loft of Benny Van Poucke


Amazing-Wings says “Congratulations” to all three breeders for their great successes & superpigeons!