Very tough national competition pigeons from Cahors (760 km) on July 17th, 21st!



On Saturday, July 17th, 2021, the Cahros national race was held at 7.30 a.m. with 3,651 pigeons
started in very nice weather, good visibility and northeast wind.

Due to the strong headwind it was a tough race where the wheat should be separated from the chaff.
After all, there were only five pigeons above a flight speed of one thousand minutes / meter!


At 11.20.42 p.m. Patrick Andries from Boeckhoute (769.280 km) East Flanders recorded his two-year-old pigeon B19-4061521
 at a speed of 1,009.95 minutes / meter. This should be the 2nd national against 3,651 pigeons. 
Whereby you have to notice that this bird had to fly approx. 33 KM further than the 1st National from Robert Ally from Tielt-Aarsele 
in West Flanders! On June 12th, 21 this bird B19-4061521 from Limoges National (661 km) flew the 1,051th prize 
against 15,547 pigeons and on June 28th, 21st from Brive National (699 km) the 327th prize against 8,807 pigeons.




The 2nd National B19-4061521 by Patrick Andries comes from the East Flemish top lofts D. De Rouck
 and the former loft community De Vroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte from Moorsele.
Pedigree Mother De Vroe-Van Gaver-Vandenputte
The 5th National Cahors vs. 3,651 pigeons was won by the well-known East Flemish long distance player Chris Hebbercht 
from Evergem (near Gent). Chris recorded his top bird "REMCO" B17-4059146 at 02.20.29 hrs with a speed of 1,001.01 min./meter
 with a distance of 753.242 km. The most impressive thing about this top bird "REMCO" B17-4059146 is that he already achieved
 the 5th National of Cahors (753 km) in 2020!
In the hand, "REMCO" B17-4059146, like its parentage, is in a class of its own!
Amazing Wings congratulates the two friendly breeders from East Flanders on their great successes!