Heinz Josef Hagen from RV Geseke wins provincial flight Sens vs. 11,777 pigeons!

The figurehead of the regional associations of Germany is certainly the province 250
with its strong RVs and the high numbers of pigeons!


On June 26th, 2021 the province 250 in Sens (535 km) 11,777 pigeons at 11.20 a.m.
started. At 6:29:43 p.m., sports friend Heinz Josef Hagen from RV Geseke announced his
blue yearling bird DV06221-20-1215 at a speed of 1,245.781 min./meter.
This should be the 1st prize against 11,777 pigeons. A truly terrific achievement for one
fair "500 km flight" of the province 250. Overall, Heinz Josef's yealing bird flew
6 prizes up to the twelfth race.


If you take a closer look at the pedigree of the 1st prize winner you can see the famous stock bird Leeuw and AD 
(1st National ACE pigeon KBDB) from the Belgian top loft Marcel Wouters paired with the super hen "Paloma" DV051-14-504
 with 4 x on his father's side 1. prize of H. & M. Schlucker!On the mother's side one finds the line of the "1241" with 
JAN (Leo Heremans) by Wolfgang Roeper as well the super breeding hen by Spf. Simon.


Amazing Wings congratulates the likeable breeder Heinz Josef Hagen on this great success against the entire elite
 of the strong province 250!