Champions League Taubenmarkt Kassel Fuchs & Wolf

The achievements of the year 2018 at a higher level
On the occasion of the Champions League auction during the Taubenmarktmesse in Kassel, AMAZING WINGS successively presents the participants of this year’s auction.

Fuchs & Wolf live in Hochheim am Main, just southeast of Wiesbaden and just northeast of Mainz, to put it simply: They live in Hesse. And as a German pigeon fancier you would actually want to live in Hesse. There are 61 travel associations and about 5,700 members and 2,700 traveling punches there. And then there is the Hessen Championship, which really has it all. Every year the winners are honored at the “Hessen Champions Day”.

The combination Fuchs and Wolf was in the travel year 2018, the overwhelming blow in Hesse. This performance was crowned with the 1st place at the Hessen championship in 2018. The coloft of the combination, which starts under the name Sandra Müller, was able to occupy second place with only three ACE points. Together, these two beats made the best bird, the best female and the best female in Hesse. After ace points, it was even the top three pigeons. And all in the competition against over 50,000 pigeons. A truly fantastic result!

A few words about the combination

The combination Fuchs and Wolf consists of the now 60-year-old Josef Fuchs, his 34-year-old son Oliver and the 60-year-old Johann Wolf. The Sportfreunde Fuchs and Wolf live only a few meters apart. They operate here separate impact systems, but travel under one name: Fuchs & Wolf.

The coloft under the name Sandra Müller is the daughter of Johann Wolf, who, although traveling under her own name, whose initial 20 travel birds but housed in the blow of her father, where they are supplied with and trained.


The breeding base

The B-02-6175815, called the 815, is an absolute top sire on the beat of combination Fuchs & Wolf! His descendants fly until today 1. prize and place themselves among the best pigeons in RV, reg. Federation, Hessen and Germany! His father is a son of super flyer and sire Kannibaal by Dirk Van Dyck. This bird was paired with a sister of the Rambo who is a full brother of the Kannibaal. Mother of the 815 is a Flor Vervoort hen, a daughter of the 1000/1000.

But that’s not all, of course.

One of the main sires is currently the beautiful scaled bird 09623-08-1218, which was itself an excellent bird of passage and was able to achieve two regional flying victories (each 400km) against more than 4,000 pigeons each. Today he is an even better breeding bird. He has already won several first prize winners. In 2018, for example, a daughter with the end number 1702 within three weeks the first prize against an average of 2,800 pigeons. The 1218 comes from the paternal side of the Tolls pigeons of the line “Superbol” and a closely drawn to the “Vos of 74” female H.-W. Ritz. At the base of the tribe lie a total of five sons of Abraham by Rudi Diels from the Belgian Beerse. Connoisseurs of the Diels Doves know that the Abraham is a full brother of the world famous Goldhaantje (B-04-6105159) and was known to be the 1st Olympic pigeon on short-haul at the 2007 Olympics in Ostend.

Another very important line are the pigeons of Hardy Krüger from Rommerskirchen in Germany.

In addition, we also have Heinz-Willi Ritz and Klaus Stieneker as suppliers of first-class call breeding pigeons.


The achievements of the year 2018 at a higher level
  1. a)At the association level
  2. Klinikcup
  3. Germanyearling champion (for the second time in a row!)
  4. b) Hessenmeisterschaft (61 Reisevereinigungen, 5.700 members

   und 2.700 lofts)

  1. Hessenmeister

   1., 5., 8., 11., 12., 14., 15., 16. usw. best female

1., 2., 4., 16., 18. usw. best female yearling    

  1. c) Regionalverband 450 (9 lofts and188 breeders)
  2. German Association Champion in the regional association
  3. Regional federation master intern

   2., 4. male ace- pigeon of the association

   2., 4., 6., 8., 10., 11. Female ace pigeon of the association

  1. d) FG Mainspitze-Untermain (57 breeders)
  2. FG-Master
  3. yearling master

   3., 4., 5., 12. best pigeonl   

   4., 9., 10., 12., 13. best yearling

   1.. 2. 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8., 10., 11. best female

   1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 12., 13. best  female yearling

These are just the higher level achievements. Let’s save the success at RV level. That would go beyond the scope of this report. Only so much should be said: on the old journey 15 times the first prize is reached. Incidentally, in the last 15 years on the old journey 116 times the first prize was recorded. A proud number.

The travel service was amazing 71%. Just an incredible percentage. In addition, there is the profit of Gouden Duif. Another absolute highlight of the 2018 season.


The very best of the loft

Let’s start with perhaps the best female, the 09623-15-1357, called Bella. She has flown incredibly well. In 2017, she will make 11 prizes in 13 appearances, and in January 2018, 11 prizes will be awarded to 12 stakes with many top prices. The reward for these outstanding prizes: The 1357 is an Olympic participant in Poland in the Allround category.

With 10 prizes and 976.12 Ace points she is the best old female of Hesse. Incidentally, she has not only achieved top prices in the airline community, but also in the regional association group. The 1357 comes from the Sparrow, the himself a top aviator on the blow Fuchs & Wolf was, among other things he flew twice the first bankruptcy against high pigeon numbers. The Sparrow comes from two original Rudi Diels pigeons and is a grandson of Abraham. Mother of the “1357” is the breeding jewel “2085”. A total of 8 children will fly at least one 1st bankruptcy of this female in 2017 and 2018 alone. In the descent “2085” we find top sires of Hardy Krüger, Heiner Tolls and Heinz Willi Ritz.  


Maybe we should mention another female. It is the 09623-17-3057, called Elektra. From a total of 12 missions she also flies 12 prizes with sometimes unlikely top results.

This “3057” was with 982.23 ace points on 10 flights best pigeon in Hesse. She comes from a grandson of the “Abraham” with the “Black Queen”, who was herself 1. Ass-female in the regional association and comes from a sister of “Tiger Woods” by Hardy Krüger.


The best male dove on the beats was the 9623-16-1732, called Thor. This was traveled in coloft Sandra Müller.

With 12/12 prizes and 1149 ace points he was inevitably the best bird in RV, FG, Reg. And Hessen (10 prizes 973 ace points)!

Like many other top pigeons, this pigeon comes from a cross between Rudi-Diels x Hardy Krüger pigeons. Namely from the titan (grandson Abraham) x viola (daughter Black Soul).


this and that    

Unfortunately, the Schlaggemeinschaft could not submit their results for the German Association Championship. Initially, due to the heat, the German Federation was banned from flying over this distance. After the regional association received one week later (first weekend of August), the members of the regional association decided not to fly because of the persistent temperatures of over 35 degrees for the pigeons. The welfare of the pigeons took precedence over all the dreams of great championships!

With the high power density, the selection in the fall is inevitably difficult. It may come as a surprise that there are no performance requirements for the youngsters. In order for them to get a chance each year, they have to fall and return fairly reasonably from the distance flights. Even with the yearlings, the bar is still relatively low: three prices, of which a top price on a demanding flight should already be. The old pigeons then need at least nine prizes and high As scores for staying in the travel beat.

The sports fans see it as an important recipe for success to take the best of their own racing pigeons early in the breed. In some cases, this is already the case with annual pigeons. Young and unused breeding animals, which have already proved their qualities on their own travel beat, offer in the opinion of the sports fans to a high degree the chance to provide themselves again for good offspring.

The pigeons will be offered here from AMAZING WINGS in a special auction in OCTOBER 2019.