Kurt & Lore Raets win 1st Provincial Argenton from Antwerp vs. 1339 pigeons fastest of 3,918 pigeons!

On Saturday, June 15, 2019, in good weather, the Argenton race was started by the province of Antwerp at 8.40. There were a total of 3,918 pigeons at the start.

At 14:39:22 at a distance of 555 km, the fastest pigeon in the province of Antwerp was noted at Kurt & Lore Raets in Wiekevorst. With a speed of 1,554.01 min./meters, the female B17-6110921 “Miss Argenton” was the fastest of the entire field of competitors.

The pigeons at Kurt & Lore Raets were in ascending order already showed up a week earlier at the
 national flight Chateauroux (526 km) against 24,582 year olds since the young successful duo scored 
the 15th National with the bird B18-6088063!
The provincial victory of Argenton with the two-year-old female B17-6110921 "Miss Argenton" was certainly no fluke. 
The weeks before, the female flew already a few times tip on the small middle distance.

Also her nest mate B17-6110920 showed already last year her qualities on the

National flights:

  1. National Argenton vs. 8.818 pigeons
  2. National Chateauroux vs. 13.098 pigeons
  3. National Chateauroux vs.   4.641 pigeons
  4. National Chateauroux vs. 27.081 pigeons

As you can see, good blood never lies!

The 38-year-old florist Kurt Raets and his girlfriend Lore were delighted that the man had also taken note of this success in Germany and suddenly Markus Bauer of Amazing-Wings signed up for a visit.

The entire Amazing Wings team wishes Kurt & Lore all the best as well as much success on the upcoming mid-range national flights!

Markus Bauer