Danny Van Dyck wins the 2nd National Chateauroux (535 km) vs. 7,674 yearlings on 08/07/21!

On August 7th, the national race Chateauroux (535 km) was on the program again.
In addition, 5,140 birds and 7,674 yearlings were basketed. Start was on Saturday at 7.45 a.m.
with high cloud cover, good visibility and southwest wind.

With the southwest wind it should be a brisk race. Danny Van Dyck recorded at 12:35:37 p.m.
his yearling hen B20-6198344 at a speed of 1,841.87 min./meter. This should be the
2nd national vs. 7,674 yearlings and 1st provincial in Antwerp!
If you look at the pedigree of the yearling hen B21-6198344 you can immediately see that it is
a granddaughter of the super bird KANON B09-6323112 (4th National ACE pigeon KBDB).
That the national race of the long middle distance Chateauroux (535 km) Danny Van Dyck was particularly good
lies also shows the great result on June 6th, 2021. Danny wins the against 24,628 birds
6th national as well as 14th national for yearlings against 22,196 pigeons at an airspeed
of 1,225.74 min./meter! Also with these two pigeons you can see the noble blood in the pedigree
vom KANON and his nest brother DEN 11 (5th National ACE pigeon KBDB).
Amazing Wings congratulates Danny Van Dyck on a fantastic travel season 2021!