Nadine Wauters wins 2nd National La Souterraine (540 km) vs. 14,315 youngsters !

On Saturday 28 August 2021, the penultimate national flight of the large medium-haul race was on the programme. In La Souterraine (540 km) 14,315 youngsters and 3,084 old pigeons were started at 8.00 am. 
Weather at the start: nice to very nice, weak northeast wind and good visibility.

It should be especially for the young pigeons a hard race with the headwind and over 500 km ! Nadine Wouters from the East Flemish Appelterre-Eichem near Ninove stated at 3.49.30 p.m. her
hen  B21-4185289 at a distance of 540.784 km and a speed of 1,154.29 min./meter This should be the 2nd National La Souterraine vs. 14,315 youngsters. The 1st National went also to East Flanders to the loft Van Den Abbeel-Van Paesschen from Lebbeke.
The joy was of course very great with Nadine Wauters in Appelterre-Eichem about the 2nd National La Souterraine (540 km) vs. 14,315 youngsters but also some melancholy that they had barely won the 1st National.
Nadine Wauters and her family are all about pigeon racing. Her late father had infected Nadine with pigeon racing. Nadine had also met her husband through the pigeon sport in the local. In addition, her son Glenn has also become an enthusiastic pigeon fancier. The team “Nadine Wauters” is a real East Flemish pigeon family !
The young hen B21-4185289 now called “Miss La Souterraine” is a great light-hammered hen with an equally great lineage: On the paternal side the blood of Gaby Van Den Abeele and the parent bird B10-4012705. On his mother’s side “Kaasboer” by Gaston Van De Wouwer and Bak 17 by Marcel Aelbrecht. A combination (mating) for the Belgian national flights over 500 km that fits well.
Amazing Wings congratulates Nadine Wauters and her family on this great success!