The final race of the 1th edition of Thailand Masters FCI was a tough but honest starter!

On the 10th of Januari 2023 the final race of 530 km was in progress of the 1th edition of Thailand Masters FCI, a young bird one loft race. People from all over the world were there to watch this final race. Also the fanciers at home could watch the race live on

While we were waiting for the birds, there was plenty of food and drinks. Everyone could have a nice talk to other fanciers, friends, or just sit and wait for the first birds to arrive…in the afternoon it started to get hot, 30 C°. The tension was rising amongst the fanciers. The pigeons were released at 7.20 am so when it still was a bit cooler! The pigeons had a great start, on their way home they had to defeat some rain and wind from the side. At 14.24pm the first bird reached the loft with 1249 m/min.

These were the first birds




This new loft at Nakhon Pathom

After the birdcollection, there were 5607 pigeons at this loft. 2305 pigeons reached the basketing of the final race.

772 pigeon fanciers participated from 34 different countries! Not bad for a first editon.

The circumstances are tough: high temperatures and high humidity (80% average) and also a rolling and some mountainous landscape. The direction of the trainings are hard, but there is no other choice of release direction. Once you go further than 300 km, you are in the hills, so a real test for the pigeons.

This is a completely new loft in the province Nakhon Pathom, about 60 km out of Bangkok (to the east). This loft offers space up to 6000 pigeons. The loft has 12 sets of 12 Benzing Antennes. All trainings and official races can be watched online.

Dr. Teerapol Techavichian

The owner and manager of this loft Dr. Teerapol Techavichian is already an experienced man in one loft racing. He knows the methods to accommodate and take care of the young birds in his loft. He was dreaming many years of his own loft. This new loft is his first solo project and already successful in his first editon!

Dr. Juve Techavichian is surrounded with 6 female loft assistents, 3 of them are educated veterinarian. So, the birds of the participants are in good female hands and the birds give the best of themselves. The loftteam works hard to bring your birds in best condition and give them the best of training and nutrition.


What you need to know on the birdcollecting

Birdcollectors Belgium

Esther Vereecke

+32 477 584718

 [email protected]

Hugo Moris

+32 475 665288

 [email protected]

What to bring on delivery of the birds: Paramyxo vaccination document + pedigrees

  • Name OLR: Thailands Masters

  • Country: Thailand, Nakhom Pathom (province)

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Website :

  • Birdcollecting 2023: Sunday 16th April – Sunday 14th May – Sunday 18th June (+ July: date needs confirmation)

  • Transportfee: 45 Euro each Pigeon

  • Team = 12 pigeon (Teamchampionship)

  • Final prize money: 50,000 Euro

  • Total prize money: 150,000 Euro guaranteed!

  • Final race: 530 km

  • When your pigeons are delivered at the bird collector you pay 150 euro for the first pigeon (number of birds you send for the 150 Euro is unlimited)

  • After the qualify race of 100 km, you need to activate the remaining birds of your team by paying 150 euro each.

Be a part of the 2nd Thailand Masters! Join and race with us!!

If you need more information or any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your birdcollector or visit the Thailand Master booth at Fugare pigeon show at Xpo Kortrijk (Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 Februari) BOOTH number 6106.

Also birds for OLR Pattaya International Pigeon Race can be delivered on the same dates with birdcollector Esther Vereecke.