Elvira & Rolf Nieland have two Olympic pigeons for Germany in Romania 2022!

The successful duo from the far north of Germany have two Olympia ACE pigeons
the "Olympic gold piece" DV06632-20-214 was 1st Olympia ACE pigeon Cat. F youngsters and
"Olympia Super Crack" DV06632-20-209 was 2nd Olympia ACE pigeon Cat. D (All-Around) in Romania 2022.

The two "Olympic Canons" from the SG Nieland breed make every breeder's heart beat faster
the two Olympia ACE pigeons in hand and the pedigree are just great!

This high international & national award (Olympia Romania 2022) also underlines the
excellent travel performance of the two years 2021 & 2022. In Belgium one would say:
It's the candle on the cake!

Team Amazing Wings congratulates once again on this award!