Demely Liliane wins 1st National Limoges Old Pigeons fastest of 14,859 participants!

The club Demely Liliane consists of the team David Vanneste, his father Filip and son Milan. Traveled under the name of the mother Demely Liliane in Moorsele near Kortrijk in western Flanders. Due to the continued good weather in recent weeks with north and east wind, the provinces of East and West Flanders are certainly preferred in the weekly national flights.

It has been really felt that the loft Demely Liliane with his absolute top rankings on the national flights of recent weeks, the crown would sit at the next opportunity.
Team Vanneste
Now on Saturday 07.07.18 from Limoges (605 km) it was time for the team Demely Liliane with the coronation of an extraordinary travel season 2018. There were 7,629 old birds and 7,230 yearlings at the national flight Limoges. Hochlass took place on 07.07.18 at 06.45 clock in very nice weather and light easterly wind. David, Flip and Milan Vanneste announced their biennial Superbird at 15.28.50 B16-3039664 at a distance of 605.683 km with a speed of 1.156,2521 min./Meter and thus the first national prize with the 7,629 old pigeons also the fastest pigeon of the entire participant field of 14,859 pigeons.
The national winner of Limoges B16-3039664 won the second national prize against 9,278 old birds 
14 days ago on 23.06.18 on the national race Brive (641 km). 
A true super crack with the 1st and 2nd National prize within two weeks !!
Eye B16-3039664
wingprofile left B16-3039664
wingprofile right B16-3039664
On 23.06.18, not only the 2nd National Brive Vs. 9,278 old birds won but also on the same day from the national flight Argenton (487 km). 19,859 yearlings with the bird B17-3043766 the 2nd National prize (1.220,4988 min./Meter) scored. Incredible results 2 x 2nd national on a weekend!
Eye B17-3043766
wingprofile left B17-3043766
wingprofile right B17-3043766
On 30.06.18 from the national flight Gueret (528 km) the team of Demely Liliane wins the 3rd National prize vs. yearling Bird B17-3043826. 8,517 at a speed of 1,161.0408 min./meters.
Eye B17-3043826
wingprofile left B17-3043826
wingprofile right B17-3043826
With such extraordinary excellence on the Belgian national flights, I can only respectfully take the hat off and continue to wish David Vanneste, his father Flip and son Milan all the best.
Congratulations from the entire Amazing Wings team!
Markus Bauer
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