Gino Clicque from West Flemish Wevelgem wins 1st National Chateauroux vs. National Chateauroux. 12,942 yearlings

On Saturday 07.07.18 at 06.30 clock the national flight Chateauroux was started. There were a total of 21,443 pigeons at the start of which 8,501 old and 12,942 year olds. At: 06.30 clock in very nice weather, weak northeast wind and good visibility.

Gino Clicque with “Golden Devil” B17-3061560
At 12:48:17 clock Gino Clicque noted his annual super bird "Golden Devil" B17-3061560 a speed of 1,208.5741 min./meters at a distance of 457 km.
 This should be the 1st prize National among the yearlings of 12,942 participants.  The national winner "Golden Devil" is a small blue bird with already
great national race results. In the old pigeons of Chateauroux Gino played even harder:
Against 8,501 old: 3rd, 4th, 9th prize National! Incredible !


Eye “Golden Devil” B17-3061560
wingprofile left “Golden Devil” B17-3061560
wingprofile right “Golden Devil” B17-3061560


What a great year 2018 at Gino Clicque! He plays the pans from the roof since the beginning of the 2018 travel season.
 Every week incredible race results on Belgian national flights. The best example of this is the two-year-old female "First Lady" B16-3144110. 
These females is currently the best old birds on the national flights of all Belgium !!! 
Is this also a candidate for National AS pigeon KBDB old birds in the middle distance 2018:
Eye  “First Lady” B16-3144110
wingprofile left  “First Lady” B16-3144110
wingprofile right “First Lady” B16-3144110


14.   National Bourges       (417 km)   vs. 20.284 Tb.
 4.    National Gueret         (526 km)   vs.  5.331 Tb.
 8.    Prov. Chateauroux     (457 km)  vs.   3.402 Tb.
380. National Argenton      (485 km)  vs. 11.823 Tb.
18.   National Chateauroux (457 km)  vs.  8.501 Tb.


Gino Clique is certainly a big contender for the National AS pigeons KBDB with his unique travel services in 2018.
All the best!


Congratulations to Gino Glicque from the entire Amazing Wings team!
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